My Book!

My ebook, Cured,  is available at the following online retailers (note: if you don’t have an ereader, you can just download it to your computer): – For Kindle users (also for those who download the Kindle app to their computers or iPads)


Sony ereader

Kobo ereader|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=191628458

Or you can visit the following link for all formats:

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Heidi is an excessively popular only child of over-achieving, image-dependant parents who insist she attend a Christian university. There begins her plaguing self-doubt. She gets a degree in mathematics to prove she’s smart, plays with men to prove a theory, and fights her parents to prove they’re wrong about everything. Complicating it all is an inappropriate affection for her math professor.

Heidi and her imposing friend Patti reign supreme in a religious university that demands high grades, and higher scruples. However, an impressive social standing at school does not translate to acceptance from her own parents who Heidi feels have always had it in for her. She doesn’t want to work in the ministry, she doesn’t want to date the men they approve of, and she doesn’t want to blindly accept what she’s always been taught.

As she brilliantly moves through her career after college, her love life remains unsatisfying. The key? Denying the mark on her heart left by her former math professor.

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  1. Martin

    Congratulations 🙂

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