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Why Danes Are Rude Part Deux

By far, the most-viewed post on my blog is Danish People Are Rude. This is funny for me because people have specifically searched for that phrase. Which means that although several people commented saying that, in fact, Danes are lovely, the truth is that they are not known for it. And I think we have scientifically proven that through my blog.

Oh Danes, don’t worry, you are much-loved (if acknowledged at all) throughout the world because of the things I mentioned (good looks, social sophistication, the bright, avant-garde colours painted on your living room walls that you must consider forward-thinking but are, in truth, gaudy). Yes, most people veer to the Swedes. Danes don’t really register on anybody’s radar. Danes are associated with Scandinavia, and therefore also with all the above-mentioned things, but no one really takes notice of them.

My paternal and maternal combination is Canadian and Danish. And those two sources have many things in common. Canadians are to the Americans like the French-Immersion do-gooder is to the cocky, self-assured jock. Everyone knows they’re all kind of one in the same, but nobody pays any attention to the dork. Even if the jock is a jerk, everyone still wants to be his friend. Danes face the same status; official nobodies to the world at large, respected, sure, but ultimately not taken into anyone’s account. Kind of…ignored.

Maybe for good reason? And for good consequence? Personally, I like succeeding in the sidelines. You get most of the same benefits, without anyone laughing at your expense every time you fall. Danes have it pretty good, even if they haven’t succeeded in making much of a mark on the world.

So…rude? I said Danes are rude because they are. And maybe that’s because they have a chip on their shoulder due to being considered the less-polished Scandinavian sibling. They’re just a different breed, and if you live with them long enough you realize they need to be taken with a grain of salt. There. Don’t get mad, my friends. For our part, even if Canadians are thought to be enlightened, inclusive, gentle creatures we are more likely stifled, passive-aggressive, disingenuous martyrs who talk out of two sides of our mouth because we have issues about being overshadowed by our much louder, cooler, popular neighbours. Who knows? We all have our things.


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