New Buddhists Are Bad

I’ve come to know that Christians are not the only assholes! Man, is that a relief. I have recently spent a lot of time with a man who considers himself a Buddhist. He has not been raised with the religion; rather, he came to it at near middle-age after searching for some understanding of life. And I sincerely congratulate him for doing that. Everyone should seek out the spiritual aspect of existence; it can give you a greater understanding of yourself and bring much peace. And don’t we all need that?

I used to think it was just new Christians who were patronizing. Fifteen years ago, I guarantee I had a patronizing world view myself. The kind of religious person who, when a difference of opinion arises with another person about the deep matters of life, looks on said person with pity. Like, they just don’t have the spiritual understanding to grasp the verity of my position. The person is to be looked down on, albeit with Godly love, and prayed for to receive enlightenment.

But if you’re thinking that your way of understanding spiritual and life matters is the only right way and that anyone who thinks otherwise is pathetic, misled, stupid, or even sinful, you might want to check yourself. You don’t know. I think I understand certain things, and that gives me great peace. But I can’t claim that will bring someone else peace, and I cannot be so arrogant as to assume that I have the monopoly on enlightenment.

Especially if I can’t get along with anybody else as a result.

Yes, I know new religious people can be well-meaning, even delightfully earnest. They’ve just learned something new that works for them. Yay! They want to tell the world about this great new thing! Good for them, I say. I mean, I tell people about my beliefs, too.  Just listen to and respect my way of thinking, that’s all I ask. And I’ll listen to yours.

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  1. Lynn

    Totally agree 🙂 –

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