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Christians Don’t Like Me

I have been made aware that a few people do not like my blog. It’s not the writing that offends them, nor do they particularly find it boring and therefore not worthy of blogosphere space. Apparently, my use of expletives every so often is what has led them to believe that what I’m writing is sinful and better left to otherwise rot the brains of less godly people.

These particular people are Christians. I am a Christian, so I know how they think. And I know what they’re thinking. And I think they are misinformed.

There is a certain breed of Christian that gets all riled up when people do obvious naughty things like swear. It’s not that their linguistic sensitivities make them snobby (like, it’s low-brow to cuss in order to make one’s point), because I’m not sure they’re all that lexically inclined. Rather, because they have been bred to equate swearing with ungodliness, they likely believe me a heathen and someone to be avoided lest one of them become influenced by my impious intent.

Christians like this are very legalistic. They find it difficult to exercise discretion over which situation is harmed or helped by the use of a good expletive. It’s why they never take a sip of wine, it’s why they go to church every single Sunday, it’s why they don’t go out dancing and it’s why they don’t dare believe that gay people are just like them. It’s hard to think for yourself, no?

Of course, I understand the other option. That certain Christians just get rubbed the wrong way when people swear. I still cringe at the use of “fuck”. I don’t like it, and I tend to think it’s too intense and grating for most contexts. So, I also understand that if swear words bring you down or rub you the wrong way, then fine. But I think more often than not, these sorts of people aren’t looking at the message as a whole.

For instance, I choose expletives very carefully, and only in certain situations. I believe that in many circumstances it is simply a lazy man’s go-to. Plus, very often other vocabulary packs a better punch. However, there are times when one’s objective is precisely to be crass, and in these situations nothing rings truer than some well-placed profanity.

It’s not that I can’t bear people who don’t like swearing in any circumstance. I have never sworn all that much. It’s just the hypocrisy and ignorance of the opinion that I find tiresome. Very often, Christians harp on relatively insignificant things whilst ignoring more serious issues. It’s not swearing that’s sinful. It’s the intent of the words spoken. For instance, if I tell you to “get lost”, am I really any more righteous than someone who tells you to “fuck off”? I don’t think so.

In the case of my blog, it could be these particular folks just don’t think it’s healthy to rant. Or maybe they do the things I rant about and are offended.

My fellow Bible thumpers, can’t we all just enlighten ourselves a wee bit?


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