My Sucky Junk Food

Don’t you hate it when, after much denial, you allow yourself a sinfully fattening foodstuff, only to have it taste like crap? And you feel like you have to finish it because it’s your one indulgence for the week and you paid actual money to get it?

There is a cupcake store near my house I walk past nearly every day that boasts cupcakes made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. I like to patronize businesses that make efforts in this direction, so I finally decided today I would try them out. I was so excited! I brought my daughter in and made like they were going to be for her instead of me and my husband.

(Relax, she’s one, she didn’t know. She still thinks eating what’s on mom and dad’s plates, even if it’s salad, is a treat.)

I got four. They were small, but looked pretty. Two strawberry and two double chocolate. How could I go wrong?


Folks, they were really, really bad. I can eat pretty much anything sweet, especially when I’m at work and I need something to keep me going into the latter hours of my shift, but I had to stop after trying two bites of each.

The first problem? The strawberry icing tasted like NOTHING. Not sugar, not butter, not vanilla – nothing. My co-worker tasted some and gagged just a little. It had no flavour whatsoever, which made me think it was just pink-tinted lard. As soon as I had that mental image, I had to abandon it and move on to the other one.

The chocolate cupcake fared little better. Really? Chocolate? I happen to know, you can still make tasty, natural desserts if you just USE SUGAR, you know?

I mean, I didn’t go in there to buy diet cupcakes. I went in to support a business that believes making food without artificial and unnecessary preservatives is probably better for all of us. And now I’m crushed that, yet again, my husband will laugh at my earnest nutritional folly.

Dammit, I was really looking forward to those things.


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2 responses to “My Sucky Junk Food

  1. Erin

    That is why you should always just get a Blizzard.. they never disappoint.

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