Slow Walkers

I’m a person who likes to walk fast. I almost never move leisurely, especially when I’m on my own. When I was in elementary school, I used to run home and one day this guy asked me why I did that. The reason I ran had never really occurred to me, so after taking a moment to consider it I said, “So that I get the good seat in front of the TV.” As a kid, I was always battling  with my siblings for prime seating in the family room. These days, I don’t have to jockey for position on the good recliner but I still advance at a clipped pace everywhere I go. I don’t think I’m always rushed, it’s just that if I’m already walking, I may as well get a decent workout from it. Or maybe it’s the result of my pet peeve over wasted time. Oooohhh, I HATE wasted time. 

So when I’m walking with or behind people who go at a turtle’s pace it drives me a bit bananas. The situation is most aggravating on sidewalks where you can’t easily pass. When I have to slow down I feel like THE WORLD IS PASSING ME BY. Not everyone has to walk as fast as me, but when someone is really dragging their heels I just can’t take it. I get uptight and anxious and I wonder why they don’t just GET A MOVE ON. How on earth do they go through life moving so slow?

This annoyance I experience is similar to my one-year-old daughter’s when, all of a sudden, after eating the last Cheerio, she realizes there are unexpectedly none left. A moderate panic begins and doesn’t abate until more Cheerios are poured onto her tray and she can resume snacking. Trapped behind a slow walker, I am similarly unable to exercise patience for what is surely a benign situation that will imminently resolve itself. Instead, I become immediately antsy and I won’t be calm again until I can resume my normal speed.

My question is, are these people just better at smelling the roses or does their complete lack of urgency spell laziness? I’m sure I could benefit from being a calmer person all-around, but if I became a slow walker I don’t know that I could stand myself.


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9 responses to “Slow Walkers

  1. Igo

    You better save some strength, as Your daughter is going to start walking soon.
    There is a long run before you!

  2. I often walk slowly because I am absorbed in my thoughts and not really thinking about walking.

    But beyond that, I have to point out that when you are short you’re going to walk more slowly, anyway. I am about 9″ shorter than my husband, and I have to take 3 steps for every 2 that he takes. This means it’s much more effort for me to get around than it is for him.

    Having said that, I am not in the least bit bothered if someone asks to pass me. I will happily move aside if you’re in a rush, just say, “Excuse me.” 🙂

  3. shawna

    you would fit in well in Ontario…those people have EVERYWHERE to go and no time to waste….speed walking champions I tell you

  4. Nav

    Being a speed walker myself, I totally sympathize. I’m fine with people walking slow, as long as they’re not in my way!! It’s terribly irksome when there’s a skytrain waiting at the top of an escalator that I end up missing because there are slow people either sauntering or STANDING on the left hand side. Grrr…

  5. Erin

    Just wait until Noelle starts walking and it will be a true test of your patience. Walking down the sidewalk at 1 KM per hour with a toddler has been a patience-building experience for me. Dominic loves walking though, so I have learned to give him the time. I can’t just scoop him up all the time when I want to get somewhere, because then we have tantrum central. But really, I have always needed more patience, so it’s a good exercise for me. Having a toddler builds character…. right?

  6. Okay, I am so in tune with this post you have no idea. I like walking with a purpose and I find that almost EVERYONE else in the Greater Vancouver Area to saunter and saunter slowly. My biggest annoyance is people that walk directly in front of you and walk slow….OR the people that take up the whole sidewalk…..OR….

    Patience….definitely something I am working on

  7. Totally agree.. I am a fast walker myself and always finds a slow walker in front of me. >_<

  8. audrey

    I am fast walker when people walk slowly it makes me mad!!!!!!!!

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