Vomiting is one of my least favourite activities. It never starts, goes or ends well and it makes your throat sore. Plus, if you’re like me, the little blood vessels around your eyes explode and you’re left with dots of red, like micro chicken pox. All so that your body can rid itself of whatever it is that hasn’t been sitting well.

My stomach is unsettled this evening and I’m reminded of a time not too long ago when I was barfing all the time to lose weight.

Oh, lighten up, I meant because of pregnancy. I was very, very nauseous for the first 17 weeks gestation with my daughter. I knew I would be sick because my sister was sick with her pregnancies, and we’re both kind of nauseating people.

I meant nauseated. I am, in fact, rather delightful.

But I digress. I kind of wish I would throw up right now because very often it makes me feel better later on. It sure did when I was with child, though I’m not sure why given that most of the time I only brought up bile. You know how it is when you’re nauseous; food doesn’t really turn you on.

So I guess what I’m saying is the following:

1) I don’t like to vomit.

2) I kind of want to vomit.

3) Vomiting is bad for your teeth.

4) Vomiting is a lazy and nasty way to lose weight.

5) I suspect the meatball sub did me in.

Sandwich, anyone?

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  1. Igo

    20 years ago, I worked for a PoP/Rock Music TV channel called NS+ as music-video director. There was a talented punk band, asking to make something, with general idea about girl that vomits. Wow, I said, ok, but it has to be a reason for it. Say, your music makes her nauseous, how about that? Fine, they said so we did the video; and thanks to your “toilet – nausea” blogs I googled it today and found the video on a youtube. Oh my, don’t tell anyone. They sang half Russian half Srbian in this one Eh (good) old days, make me nauseous, yewww

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