Only Guys Are Gamers

My husband is a gamer. Red Dead Redemption came out recently and he was all excited to start playing. Don’t ask me what Red Dead Redemption is, what it’s about or what its appeal is supposed to be. I would guess it’s about red people who come back to life to redeem themselves for all the bad stuff they did during their lives by doing good deeds for others. The more people you bless with kindness, the more points you get. Like, helping an old lady load groceries into her car is worth ten points, but running into a burning building to save an orphan with eczema gives you fifty. If you pick the small, delicate guy for your volleyball team in gym class it’s twenty-five, but if you ask the shy girl with an unfortunate penchant for pleated pants and raging acne to prom, that warrants eighty. So, Red Dead Redemption is probably right up my husband’s alley.

But I don’t get gaming. I think it’s pointless, like watching Deal Or No Deal. Nothing learned coupled with low entertainment value. I always tell my husband that Pac-Man, now there’s a game! Linear, immediate satisfaction, low involvement and little commitment required. Yeah, yeah, to each his own. For instance, my husband HATES The View. Like, more than I hate Resident Evil 1 through 7. And he’ll never share my affinity for chick lit or

Fine, we all waste time in our own ways. I just think my time wastage is better.


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3 responses to “Only Guys Are Gamers

  1. Jon

    I think women are just as into video games as men, but not necessarily the first-person shooter genre. It’s PacMan and Farmville, casual games that are much bigger.

    And “The View”…really?

  2. Igo

    On-line friends – the social momentum you don’t have with TV shows. RDR has a historical content. In some games one has to put in gear a fraction of math skills as all characteristics of the chosen character are based on chance scales – sometimes a player has to convert every budge into a number and calculate odds; can be quite engaging in cerebral sense. Personally, I like board games, strategy and such, like Conquest of the Empire and I really miss lazy days when we played a lot of card-games, Monopoly, Clue, Scotland Yard…

    When CDV made an interactive WW2 strategy game (called Sudden Strike) I played with an ex US trooper from Texas whose been in Iraq and our tank platoon commander was a dude from Germany whose father led a real Tiger tank crew in Russia 1943. I myself served the army (now 20 something years ago) – So you can only imagine what kind of a team we made. It was a take on whole adventure, becoming a part of historic squabble without our ass endangered, nor is anyone else. Kind a cool, eh’. The key word is – what’s the expression in English – MODERATION. The hyper state of adrenalin rush can facilitate addiction.

  3. Igo

    You better put royalty on your version of Red Redemption as EA will soon go crazy about dead folks coming back. How many points you get for crawling up to redeem your ex? Can you go to a negative value as well? Like – sorry, you remain in Hell for some extra time …Or what?

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