Worst Song Ever

I’m going to definitively name the Worst Song Ever. I don’t think there will be a single person who disagrees that this is not just a bad song, but a terrible one. You may think there are other songs that are worse, or at least equally bad. But you will not think it’s a good song. Bold, aren’t I? So sure am I of my assertion.

Ever heard of Sugar Jones? It’s made up of five girls who won spots to form a group on the Canadian reality show Popstars. Now, Canadians are sometimes known to do poor man’s versions of entertainment things American – but  this musical group takes the cake. I suppose they were all good singers on their own, but together they produced something that is ironically, and overwhelmingly, non-harmonious. Their first of only two releases was, by definition, the best they could muster after months of Canadians anticipating the result of gathering the most talented and engaging performers between Victoria and Halifax. And what did we get? Days Like That. No, Sugar J, I do not like my days like that.

In fact, when I hear it on the radio so many years after it failed to make any significance in the biz back in 2001, I want to grab the DJ by the collar and scream, “WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU?” There is so much wonderful music out there that will fulfill your CanCon, why must we waste our time and expose our ears to horrendous songs like that?

It’s not just the song that’s bad, it’s the execution. The whole thing is a mess of seemingly random notes barely supporting weak vocals and strained melodies. Is it just me, or is the whole song slightly off-key?

I don’t understand how the producers could have thought that was their best finished product. And, like I said, it’s because they keep INSISTING on playing it on our stations that I must, in turn, INSIST upon its musical rankness. I have moved on with my life, but the DJs have to stop it. Days Like That should never have been at all. Just cut it out.

Any runners-up to the title?

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  1. Igo

    Oh well, they are terrible songs, but there are also some at least that old I still like to hear… those that bear lyrics and tones that enhance you in many ways; can serve as a reminder even of true values

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