Attention: Women

There is a new sign above the toilet in the women’s washroom at my work that reads “Please DO NOT dispose of your feminine napkins in the toilet. Use the garbage receptacle.” I know why this sign was made. On several occasions I have seen menses-matter in the commode and it revolts me for several reasons. First, the obvious notion that these things should not be going in the toilet. In fact, aside from the occasional soft leftovers-gone-rotten from the fridge, bodily eliminations and TP should be the only things deposited in a toilet. It’s not good for the pipes. Second, if I’m seeing this stuff then the person before me didn’t stay in the stall long enough to ensure the water fully carried her contribution away. Menses-matter is the nastiest to behold, so extra time should be taken to witness its total disappearance. Otherwise, another flush may be necessary. Finally, if you are employed at my place of work, I tend to assume a certain amount of intelligence, environmental awareness and basic sophistication. Exposing your coworkers to these unmentionables astounds me. I guess we’re not all as erudite, savvy and classy as I would expect of a professional bunch. 

That’s it. I have commented on bathroom matters before, and I probably shouldn’t again. But please adjust your behaviour accordingly. It’s just not cool.

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