Really Bad Decisions

You know when people in your life do things that are just really poorly thought out and you wonder if you should say something? Like, say, your best friend goes back to her jackass boyfriend after suffering terribly the first time around and all you can think as you hear her gush is, “Really? No joke?  How is it possible to be so stupid?”

Although I am often amazed at how foolish people can be, it’s hypocritical to highlight that stupidity in others, given how dim I can be. However, as I’ve often said, I feel better knowing my friends or family would say something if they really thought I was messing things up. And they’ve proven that they will.

I say to heck with something being none of my business! I mean, people tell me things for a reason. Just like I tell people things for a reason. I don’t think it serves any purpose to coddle and make like I support a decision I secretly find abominable.

I’m not saying you have to divulge your opinion at every opportunity, of course. Case in point: I went shopping with my mom recently and she tried to buy me jeggings (jeans as leggings). I said a polite “No, that’s okay!” and directed her attention to something else. If she had pushed it and bought them for me anyway, I would have tried a firmer tactic. But still, if she thought they were nice, I don’t need to burst that bubble. Plus, clothes are mostly inconsequential, so opinions are not always needed. Unless, of course, someone is about to make a fashion ass of themselves. Like, if I took out my bubblegum pink miniskirt from 5 years ago that was too young for me then and thought it deserved a revival, I hope someone other than my husband would take me aside and gently, but assertively, tell me NO (the mister is a fan of any short skirt and therefore his opinion is of no value in this area).

However, significant life choices often need to be mediated by another person who is not emotionally involved in the decision being made. If I knew someone who was buying into an investment deal that I had good reason to believe was a disaster I would probably tell them why I wouldn’t do it.

I appreciate the expression “It’s none of your business”, but I wonder where one draws the line. Like I said, I want people’s feedback in my life and I have a right to take it or leave it. At what point is anything really none of anybody’s business?

Also, could I get away with jeggings?

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  1. Igo

    No intention to shut down those charming little insults to husbandry as they are fun to read, but don’t self-confident wives think of their own quality over the general short-skirt rule? “…fan of any…” Hey. That can be only a half-truth, not enough to dismiss (his) opinion. Well, it is OK for the matter, as the business is something entirely different, I mean, it should be. On a figure-fashion questions one can be embarrassed or not but announcing obtuse business ventures run into something heavier than a passing shame, into being labeled as “stupid”… Ouch; and by someone you respect – double ouch.

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