Robert Is No Edward

I don’t understand the appeal of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. I know, I KNOW, Robert is a god with ideal bone structure and a perfectly tousled yet over-geled coiffe. But apart from his appearance, is he really the right one to play THE Edward Cullen? I’m sure they could have found some other young gun who doesn’t make me giggle every time he delivers a line. He sure is good at STARING INTENTLY, but I don’t really want an Edward whose best acting moments happen when he doesn’t speak.

In the Twilight book series (for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, you can stop here as this will not interest you – also, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?) Edward is perfect. He is not only amazingly good-looking but he’s also brave, omnipotent, smart and moral. But perhaps the most attractive trait about Edward, and the basis for most of the descriptions of his character, is that he is supremely confident. He is self-assured, interesting and oozing with machismo. So for him to show up in the Twilight movies as anything BUT all those things is truly disappointing. The movie Edward is insecure, apprehensive and…lame. In the books, he walks with the cool of a man who’s been around the block a few times and the authority of someone well beyond his years (which, of course, he is). In the movie, his uncertainty renders it nearly impossible to believe he’s almost a century old. I don’t think I’m supposed to feel embarrassed for the hero, you know?

See, what I think happened is all the teenaged girls fell in love with Edward in the books and projected that love onto Rob. I think they would have projected the same love onto just about any actor. Because, like the hero in any good romance, every girl wants to be with Edward and anyone who plays Edward must also be worthy of this adoration. Robert is probably a good guy in real life, and maybe even a good actor in any other role. But he’s no Edward.

Which brings me to the rest of the horrendous casting for these movies. All the Cullens are supposed to be like Edward: perfect sub-human specimens. But Alice is annoying, Carlisle is creepy, Rosalie looks anything but natural as a blonde and Jasper seems to have an uncomfortable staring problem. I think the only characters well-cast were Esme and Emmett.

But do I ever look forward to Eclipse.


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3 responses to “Robert Is No Edward

  1. john

    wow i think we should all meet at a coffee shop and discuss vampires and what they mean to us.
    But one of us will have to leave early and feed the duck that is a pet. we could all live in the same appartment building. wow what a life “vampires”
    it is reality that bites.

  2. shawna

    and that is exactly why I hate Twilight…the movies ruined it all!!! worst.casting.ever

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