Really Not Liking That Music

I like Adam Lambert. I never watched American Idol, but I think he should have won. I think he has a unique style, voice and sound, and he seems like a decent guy. And the hair! The eyeliner! The wailing reminiscent of 80’s rock ballads! He really is a great find.  So, as a harbinger of the wrath I am about to unleash on poor Adam, I must stress that I’m not blaming the guy in the following critique. I know when you first get a record contract you probably have to do what the label tells you. And if you sing their songs and perform their schtick you can earn the right to call the shots down the road.

It’s just that his songs thus far are so very bad.

Adam has two songs on the radio, to my knowledge. For Your Entertainment is not meant to be anything more than catchy tunes courting simple, but workable, lyrics. Fast songs can get away with folly since they’re just trying to get your toes tapping. It’s like Lady Gaga’s Telephone. Totally ridiculous words + a danceable beat = a fantastically absurd song! I love it. I love her, that Lady Gaga. So, what I mean to say is, in that vein, For Your Entertainment passes. So, now that I think about it, scratch that song from my bad list.

But I can’t say enough of the opposite for Whataya Want From Me?  The answer, Adam, is NO MORE OF THAT. First, how many times can you repeat that phrase? Did the writer get a serious bout of block and thought he’d just cut and paste? Also, much like Lisa Loeb’s Stay from the soundtrack of one of my favourite guilty pleasures Reality Bites, the song makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. I know you can argue that poetry is subjective and it means something different to each person and you can superimpose your own interpretation of the words to make them meaningful to you. But every time I hear that song I get so frustrated because I have a hunch it’s secretly just a bunch of words forced together into something vaguely romance-related. One minute Adam is warning whomever to slow it down, and next thing he’s begging the same person not to give up. MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

Don’t worry, I’m sure I see a generic point to this song: I really want you because you’re so very good for me but I have issues and I need for you to be patient with my limitations. But it doesn’t work. It’s so ambiguous as to make it nonsensical. Why must they dumb everything down? It’s so TIRESOME.

Perhaps I’ve missed the point and the music is too profound for my small, confused mind. Or maybe it’s supposed to be as devoid of meaningful sentiment as the thousands of other songs out there. However, I can’t help but think otherwise when Lambert sings the song so earnestly. Let’s face facts and agree that it’s just bad poetry. Which makes me sad because, Adam, I LOVE the tune. I do. And I love the way you sing it. It’s such a shame.

Surely someone understands the hidden mysteries of pop music better than I. Please, enlighten.


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2 responses to “Really Not Liking That Music

  1. Lisa

    If you don’t like the song, you should see the video – BRUTAL. Oh the acting, the repetitive scenes make the song even worse. You will hate the song MORE when you’re done seeing the video. No wonder it was on at 5:30am and not prime time.

  2. Nav

    I watched that iconic season of American Idol and just adored Adam. I think he’s easily the single most talented contestant that show has ever seen. The range, originality and personal style that he presented every week made me very excited to watch what he’d do with his career and how he’d influence pop music for the better.

    That said, I’m very disappointed by his first singles too! I think it must have something to do with contractual obligations for the first record. Or at least I hope so!!!

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