I saw an article today on the internet that talked about Jessica Simpson. It said that Simpson has declared that she will never do a nude scene because her naked body is only for the eyes of her future husband. The writer went on to lambast J.S. for essentially taking womankind back fifty years and lecturing her on how every woman’s body is her own and doesn’t belong to any man. Now, I wasn’t the only one who saw the disparity in what J.S. said and how the writer responded. Many people commented on how, duh, that wasn’t at all what J.S. said and that if the whole article was based on such an erroneous interpretation then the writer ought to go back and learn how to read.

As an aspiring writer, I am amazed that someone like this has been hired to promote her thoughts on anything. The writer of the article either had to be deliberately misreading Simpson’s quote in order to make it fit her story, or she is stupid. Either way, can that unnamed website pay ME next time they need worthless, misappropriated babbling?

The article made me think of all the times this must happen in the media, and how annoying it must be for everyone who is intentionally mis-quoted or misunderstood. This has happened to me several times, usually by the same person. See, I feel like I am pretty well-spoken. I communicate effectively, I use the right words and I don’t (generally) ramble on and on so as to scramble up my audience and cause confusion. No, I am very direct in my language and when I am trying to get a point across I feel like there is no way anyone could phrase it more effectively, especially after I’ve tried a few times. I choose words with purpose and attempt to gauge the body language of the reciever in order to ensure full comprehension. [You understand, I am breaking this down to micro-level. I don’t scrutinize every phrase I utter and the resulting reception, but I am always thinking, even peripherally, of how best to communicate.]

You know what I think? I think sometimes people have already decided what they believe your opinion is on an issue and, as a result, only hear certain words, or choose to hear something else entirely in order to suit the rebuttal they’re formulating in their mind as you talk. I think often people have an agenda, a point they want to make, and they are going to make that point even if the surrounding conversation has nothing to do with it. Perhaps they do it because no one else will listen to them.

I think that’s what happened with the writer of that article. She may be a misguided feminist who had to have an excuse to promote the idea of women having control of their own bodies, but at the expense of an innocent person. Poor, poor celebrity Simpson. Good thing this time the agenda was so transparent so that she doesn’t have to add this article to the list of crazy unfair things said about her. Say what you want about J.S., but if she didn’t say it, she didn’t say it.

And, you know, I wish there was a blooger who could hear all my conversations with the above-mentioned person and advocate thusly for ME.

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