Awful Aerobics Instructors

After I had my kid, it took three weeks before I was back at the gym. I went to an Abs class, which wasn’t a wise choice. I remembered my sister telling me that after having her daughter she went to the gym and couldn’t do ONE sit up. She was sitting there on a mat, unable to get up, and so, laughing, rolled onto her side and stood up. I remember thinking that was so embarrassing and surely that would never happen to me.

It did happen to me. But eight months later my abdominal muscles are in much better shape and I can do at least one sit up.

But I was annoyed upon returning to the gym in general, and not just because of feeling so out of shape. Before baby, I was able to motivate myself to exercise most days a week and I could usually stay on the the equipment until I felt I’d gotten a good workout. But after baby, I have relied almost exclusively on fitness classes to get me going. I’m very often so tired now that it’s all I can do most days to shove myself through the gym doors. I need the motivation of a class so that I don’t have to think about what to do and how long to do it for.

Now, I’ve always preferred classes over working out alone, but nowadays it’s ESSENTIAL to getting a workout at all. I need the structure of a class to keep me going. Otherwise, I’m likely to spend 4 minutes on the elliptical, and with no Jillian Michaels barking at me to do more, I’ll stop. Maybe pick up a free weight or two. Maybe stretch. Can’t leave yet so soon after I’ve arrived because it’s embarrassing when I have to pass by the counter people again on the way out.

So, my point is that when you rely on a fitness class to motivate you then it better be a kick-ass class. And to be a kick-ass class you have to have a kick-ass instructor. I can’t tell you the number of classes I have attended at my gym where the instructors are just terrible. They move off-beat, they start movements on uneven counts of said beat so that nothing is on the 4 or 8 count of the music (which to those of you who know what I mean, it’s SO DISTRACTING), they don’t cue you in time, they do more repititions on one side than the other, their music is too slow or too eighties, they make up moves that don’t flow together, they forget their sequences or they do the same move over and over and over to the point of fist-eating bordom.

Now, I’m not saying I could do it any better. But that’s why I’m not an instructor. And when I’ve seen oodles of instructors who choose great music, who can count, who construct routines that are fun and challenging and who LOOK like you WANT TO LOOK, then there’s no excuse to hire terrible people like that.

I’m sorry, I’m sure these ladies are lovely. But they are just not good. I don’t want anyone to lose their jobs, but maybe put them on desk duty or something. Their awful classes are doing nothing for my dough-boy belly.

A Concerned Club Member

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