Danish People Are Rude

I know a thing or two about rudeness because a) I grew up with a Danish parent and b) I lived among Danes in the fatherland. You might be thinking, how could I defame my own kind? Of all the people in the world, how could I pick on one of the smallest, most innocuous groups of people on the planet?

Well, I lived in Denmark, and although some of the very best human beings I’ve ever met and some of the best friends I’ve ever had are Danish, I make no apologies for calling Danes as a whole some of the rudest people on Earth. (This is a pretty broad assertion given that I’ve only ever lived in Canada and Denmark, but I really like hyperbole.)

People are always astonished when I say this, because they’ve likely traveled to Denmark or met Danes and had only fantastic experiences because, after all, Danish people are so cosmopolitan, sophisticated, good-looking, slim etc. And yes, they are all those things. But I always describe Danes thusly: they are the sort of people who will tell you full-on that the colour you’re wearing does nothing for you. And they’ll say it in such a way that you won’t respond with indignation, you’ll just look down at your clothing and feel foolish. It’s because they don’t say things in spite; rather, they are matter-of-fact, as if what they’re telling you is best done in frankness and will only serve to help you out. Yes, they are doing you a favour, and it’s not up to them to bubble wrap the message because you’re not a freakin’ baby, are you?

I found I was quite sensitive to this when I first moved to Denmark at eighteen. I should have been used to it what with my Dad being one in the same, but my siblings had the same experience so I know it’s not just that I can’t hack it. And I can forgive them this national personality trait because the intention is not unkind.

That’s the crux. When people are rude in order to bring you down it’s a whole other ball of wax. I have no patience for such people. Yes, we all say stuff that gets taken the wrong way, or maybe gets taken the right way but it’s only because we’re having an off day and are unable for a moment to choose our words responsibly. But people who are consistently rude have no excuses. And I find that the older I get, the less patience I have for the likes of them.

As for the Danes, they are still welcome.



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  2. Fabian

    Well, most Danes are ignorant and uneducated. They’re very radical minded and small minded. I’ve been in Denmark, and I have never seen so many people rude compared to other countries. Also the immigrants living in Denmark are generally rude.

    Anyway, I didn’t like anything about Denmark. Everything in this country is expensive and yet they perform a very poor service.

    • Pernille

      I am from Denmark, and I have just been in America for 2 month, and those two month did a lot of things for my perspective of Danes. Before I didn’t see how rude the Danish people are, but I do now, actually I am writing an essay about it now in English. So you are completely right about it all unfortunately.

      • This is refreshing! A Dane who is not so uptight that they can’t admit that some of their own countrymen are lacking in some way. You only notice it when you’re away from your own environment, right?

      • crossedwiresradio

        Dear Pernille — I would love to hear more about what happened to that essay! We do radio stories focused on these kinds of international “aha” moments. If you’re interested in telling your story, PM me at roughtranslationradio@gmail.com

    • sandra

      I’m sooooo glad I got out when I did! Lived there for 10 years and everything you will read below is true. What a boring place to be!

    • One hundred percent in agreement there. Rudest country on earth, and ignorant as well. I’m black American with an Asian mother and part white dad, and I look it. Asians walk up to me in Asia speaking all their languages each thinking I’m one of them. Usually they think I’m Thai.

      Walking down the street in Copenhagen this morning, I pass by a Danish couple. Says the fat matronly chick under her breath to her husband, “African.”

      I made it a point to say as loudly as I could behind me, “AMERICAN.”

      But when you come from a nation that still thinks sambo dolls are cute and represent black people, and in a world of rap music have yet to realize black Americans exist, haven’t been to Africa in their lives and have no plan to, and are more different from black Africans than Danes are from Eskimos, what can you expect or hope for?

      This nation will be annexed back into Norway by 2100. Believe it. A completely failed welfare nation full of drunk complete albino retards.

      • Now that I think upon it, why was this Danish couple all up in my business like that, speculating what race, nationality or culture I am? Who the F am I to them? Aren’t I an American spending non-Danish money there?

        Yet they feel entitled to reflect upon the fact my skin is brown and try to play “guess the foreigner” and on top of that DO IT OUT LOUD

        To me this is a class A invasion of privacy – people cannot even walk up a street on CPH without random fucking Danes staring at us and playing “guess the foreigner” getting up into our business. Who anointed you?

        The fact you will deny this proves you are a Dane. Like I said, take a trailer park meth head redneck, dress them in black, hand them a bicycle and tell them they’re royalty (a lie) and what do you have there? A DANE

        Screw these people one hundred fucking percent. Racists, inbred, retarded, all of them. Yes, and an American said so. Come at me.

        We’ll shock and awe you into the stone age you Stormfront POS

      • Cesar

        You have a very interesting pedegree … reminds me of some funny street dogs I have seen … by the way we danes are only rough with black africans like you .

      • Kristian

        In my nineteen years of living in Denmark I have never experienced anything like that. Nevertheless it makes me sad and ashamed to read about your experience.

        Us Danes can be pretty ignorant, and may even arrogant, but the way you generalize us as a people, based on your experiences in Copenhagen, is unfair. I personally, as do my friends and family, take pride in welcoming foreigners to Denmark. Sure, there are some people here that are not as friendly or welcoming to foreigners coming to Denmark, especially Muslims are looked down upon, which is extremely sad. But let’s not pretend that’s not happening in your beloved United States of America either. I’ve lived in the States for a good amount of time, and I absolutely love it there, love the people, cities and communities, but the same ignorance lies within you Americans. And now, I’m of course generalizing the Americans based on my experiences. Which, if to compare, are way more vast than your experiences in Denmark judging on your comment.

        I am Danish, and I don’t agree with us being extremely rude as a people. I know we are not one of the nicest either. But with what’s going on in your own country right now, and with one of the people many Americans are rallying around, an American can’t make statements about other countries being racist or unfriendly without feeling a little bit guilty. Though I know, you probably are not a Trump supporter. But if we are generalizing, then it’d be ok to call you a racist, to call all Trump supporters racists and to call all Americans racists, wouldn’t it?

        No, let’s all relax for a bit and stop calling each other names. Heck, imagine how nice of a day we’d have.

      • Udlænding

        My teenage daughter has been called *Fucking German* and been spit at by strangers on open street in central Copenhagen when she happened to talk German with a friend. I mean, we are used to be a rather unpopular nation, but I’ve never experienced something in the like elsewhere. Well, guess there live idiots every where on the planet.

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  4. Pernille

    Yes, I didn’t noticed it before because I was used to the way people acted, but fortunately I know now how the Danes really are

  5. Jens

    The vast majority of Danes absolutely lack manners, class and anything resembling good taste….These people have a HUGE chip on their shoulder, which might explain the inferiority complex expressed through their disgustingly oppressive Jantelov mentally and rude manners…Population there consists mostly of narrow-minded, uneducated bigots with a drinking problem….Alcoholism is rampant…As is racism…A sad bunch of peasants, really….It is more or less the loser capital of Scandinavia…Home to underachievers, criminals, degenerates and leeches….They all thrive in this unfriendly Scandinavian hellhole….Place is going down the drain…FAST!!!!


    • Lou

      It is not fair to us danish people… We say what we think, but that does not make us rude… at least not me! We are different than most people, bu we are NOT the “loser capital” of Scandinavia. Normally the Scandinavian people see Sweden as the worst country. Maybe you are right, or maybe you are just not used to our way of living? Think about it! I am a Danish person and i like when people tell me things, fx if the colour is not right for me. I’m just used to hear it without salt and pepper! And if you really need that… You don’t belong here!

      Hav det godt!

    • dansker

      It took me 17 years before I saw the light…never going back to that shithole

  6. Simone

    … I’m danish, and I think i think it’s so WRONG and RUDE to say things like that. ALL danish people aren’t like that. I haven’t met ONE person in my whole life saying that to me. I do also think it’s a matter about where you are, in Denmark. Sorry if i get a little offended, but I hate when people do the “stereotypical”-conversation.

    • Stuck in Denmark

      Don’t you think people say things, because they have reasons or bad experiences with you guys? Especially when there are so many expats that say Danish people are unsophisticated and rude in general. Expat in Denmark even has a seminar called ‘why are Danes so weird?’

      It’s interesting that you you say that you NEVER had a bad experience with rude people in Denmark. In my experience, today, a Danish shithead pushed me and biked away. I chased him and yelled at him ‘why did you push me? ‘ and what do I get? No apology, and this idiots thinks it’s funny. With his friend, he is laughing his head off. Go back home, he said. Trust me, I am getting out of here as soon as I can.

      The other day on the S-train, a lady decided to move my bag that was on the seat. That’s not all. What about this old lady pushed me on the bus rather than saying ‘excuse me’? In my Danish language school, this danish volunteer lady took my pen without even asking if she can use it. You don’t touch other people’s belongings like that. It’s offensive. These are just examples, but I never had things like these happened to me in my life before I come to Denmark. There should be an unspoken rule and respect for giving others space. Don’t you guys want to examine yourselves see what it is exactly that makes expats to complain about you guys? Why not look at other positive and better ways from other countries and cultures? Seriously, being overly proud and PRETEND to believe that you are better than the rest won’t get you anywhere, because everyone else will just see you as being rude. Believe me.

      • Stuck in Denmark

        PS. You all say ‘Janteloven’, but how come Janteloven principles don’t apply to yourselves (Danes)? Having double standards?

      • Rosamelia

        Very enlightening comment. Now I understand howcome the only dane I’ve ever met in my life (sitting next to me on a plane) actually punched me in the back when I refused to “go to the bathroom” with him…eww. I won’t judge the whole nation but an experience like that makes one think.

      • more ego stroking. yes we have the Jantelaw. so does every other country in the world. the difference is, we are open about it and embrace it. while i agree that personal belongings should not be touched, she was a voulenteer lady at a danish language class. im guessing she was in a Teaching position or a Teaches Assistant position. so logic dictates she took your pen and used it to either help you or someone else nearby. which makes your hesitance to let her use it quite questionable.

        and we arent “sophisticated”?? maybe not according to your perception of the word. have you thought about cultural differences?? FFS in some parts of the world its seen as sophisticated to eat monkey brains. its nothing more than a matter of perspective.

        and you are saying you NEVER got pushed by someone before and have them walk away withou a word before you came to Denmark??? what magical fairytale land are you from?

        and Yes. we are a PROUD people. the worlds oldest functioning monarchy, the worlds oldest flag still in use, one of the least corrupt countries on the world, the happiest nation on earth, several historical scientists, athletes and artists has come out of Denmark, The vikings revolutionized shipbulding with basic principles that are still used to this very day, Producing 5 times more food than we need to help feed Europe and so much more

        i would say a country with a population of 6 million SHOULD be proud of those achievements when you consider the world has 7 billion people in it.

        But thats just my opinion.

  7. Daniel

    FABIAN!!! Sorry dude, but with a duchebag comment like that, you are the small-minded one my friend! No need to generalize like that. All Nations are different, and people do not think alike, What you think is rude, WE DONT!

    Feks, because Americans can be loud, superficial and such, it does not mean ALL americans suck! I have been in Italy many times, and even though most Italians are friendly. Some are arrogant, selfish, narscissistic.. Still I do not categorize Italy and Italiens as shit people!

    I am Danish, and I am NOTHING like what you describe, and I have lived in many other countries. SIngapore, Ireland, Holland, Germany and the UK.

  8. Kal pedal

    I just must ask, can’t you Dansish people who left commentaries see how you are underminding yourselves when saying in a rude way that danes are not rude? Brilliant! and to LOU no, Norway and Sweden see Denmark as a little brother who can’t speak correctly and is filled with overweight, beer drinking, pølse eating, gingers! i mean honestly you cant say that people in scandinavia sees Sweden as the bad country when Stockholm is world-wide known as “THE CAPITAL OF SCANDINAVIA”, while Copenhagen is known for cheap beer and cheap drugs.. at least in the rest of Scandinavia! 🙂

    • I dont see anyone being rude? I am just saying, eveen though I understand how a foreigner sees us, Fabians comment was a bit to much! Like yours is too my friend. Where are you from? Also im sorry to inform you, but the capital of scandinavia slogan, was made up by the swedes themselves. And is far from true… Many people in scandi sees Sweden as Liberal, mega socialistik, feministik society. im done, kinda dont wanna argue 🙂

    • Just me

      And you don’t think you’re rude? Generalizing like that? Saying that about another country? I don’t know where’s you’re from, but I’m Danish, and I would NEVER EVER Insult someone like you just did… And not alene a hole country!
      I don’t think your country is some shithole because I don’t know everybody, but Think about it… You sat we’re rude, but you’re not really any better yourself… Just saying, not to be rude, but because you are – and you’re lying… 🙂

    • Martin P

      Norway is and has always been and will always be the little brother of Denmark. Norwegians are so concerned about Denmark but no Dane gives a shit about Norway.

      • Trine Q

        Not, true. The Danes, where worried. When a lot youth people at Utøyar got killed, by a mad man. And some times a little jealous at Norway, at not being a member of EU. 😛 And you right about, Norway are an little brother of Denmark – And our ”Fjeldabe” Not bad meant. 🙂 I know Norway are an amazing country and their people mostly nice and funny. Even when Norway call Denmark, for the country with small tits. (an Norwegian friend told me that) Only because we only have hills. 😛 At neither I don’t won’t it to going bad for Norway or any of the Scandinavian countries. Kalmarunionen should have been remade instead of EU.

  9. Mils

    Omg grow up, there are rude people all over the world! There are many amazing people in all countries, also Denmark. You just have to go the right places.

  10. Steve

    Everything is comparitive, so if you are from a polite,open country, then Danes can appear rude to strangers. However, I don’t judge people by their behaviour towards strangers, as I know you can often be wrong. I have been to DK as a tourist and briefly lived there, and I noticed there was a difference in my getting a job and finding somewhere to live, then when I was a tourist, putting money into the economy then clearing off. I didn’t mind it in some ways, but I lived in Norway too, as I speak Norwegian, and much preferred it, and yet Norwegians will always tell you Denmark is friendlier.

  11. Matt Thomas

    Danes are ignorant and uneducated??? hmmmmm might wanna look at that a wee bit closer mate – Social welfare, buisness initiatives, art and culture….

    Rude? I wouldn’t say they that either. Being English I did really struggle living in a country that doesn’t know how to queue and yes, they are very matter of fact and liberal with their opinions. And lets be honest when you don’t have a word for ‘please’ in your language – something is wrong haha.

    But my wife is Danish, 2 of my kids are Danish and some of my best friends. Its not a matter of them being rude, things just get ‘lost in translation’ between cultures.

    Wanna talk about rude – how about the French hahaha 🙂

    • “the French hahaha”

      The French make up for it with a fucking LANGUAGE AND CULTURE

      • What a fucking lame reply, and how subjective! if you dont think the Danes have culture and art, no wonder you have had a bad time here. you are generalizing all Danes based on your tine here, but you came here, it is your responsability to have a good time, and your responsability to read up on Danish culture before u came. ha du done that, u had reLized that its not rudeness. you are guilty ofbeing ignorant and rude,mtake this from a fuy who lived many places around the world. i coould find bad stuff about them all. possibly ur country too!

      • that and the refusal to speak english unless they are asked in french if they speak english. i have lost count of the times i needed help navigating in France only to get a look of superiority and watch people walk away when i asked for direction in english. Stil, i like France and the Things they brought into the modern world. but they are still rude.

      • Zbigniew Pietrzyk

        I went to Disneyland Paris in 2015. It was my last visit to France – never ever. Sometimes I thought, that I might have been assaulted by simply asking for some vital information in English. Yes, that’s right – speaking English in … Disneyland Paris is not to be advised ! Obviously not all the French were rude, yet some of them would show such a degree of disrespect, that I’m not planning to go there in the near future. On the other hand, this year we went to Legoland in Billund and everything was splednid ! The staff was always helpful, nice and smiling – no problems with directions, help, anything – you name it. Next year we will again go to Billund (Legoland + Lalandia) and I hope, that we could go there the following year as well. :))

  12. Cripz

    So many stupid comments. All bullshit! All but one thing: Janteloven.

    So as long as you do not think too much of yourself, Danes are generally nice.

    Btw. The thing about ‘being uneducated’ shows how little you actually know. Name one country with a higher educated population!

  13. Nicky

    Danes are not rude, they’re reserved. There’s a difference.

    I like how you throw insults around about Danes, yet you clearly haven’t done any research whatsoever. “Uneducated, obese, criminals, degenerates”.

    Clearly, you’re thin-skinned, and you obviously had some sort of bad experience in Denmark; does that give you the right to judge the country as a whole?

    Quite sweeping generalisations. That would be like me saying “Americans are fat and dumb. Italians are overly passionate about everything. Everybody from Asia knows Kung fu and all French know how to cook”.

    Having lived in Denmark for quite a while now (albeit not the only country I have lived in, so I’m not completely biarsed) I would like to voice my opinion of the country, and the people as a whole:

    The weather is messed up. It goes from 25 centrigrade to snowy in a few hours. That being said:

    The danes are reserved, and come off a bit shy. Once you get to know them, and get under their skin, there is no stopping them. They’re always friendly.
    Plus, they are ridiculously good looking. All of them. And they’re fit! (Speaking from a Copenhagen POV).

    Oh, and Copenhagen is the one considered “The capital of Scandinavia” – look it up. Plus, they’re the happiest people in the world.

    Oprah digs Ryebread.

  14. anders

    i find it quite amusing that so many have said that the vast majority of the danish population is uneducated. where do you get that from? and for the record we got a free school system, that only few can match, so most of us have a quite long education. sorry to dissapoint. ohh and btw we got one of the lowest crime rates in the world

  15. Ansh

    Hey..I have applied for a Danish Greencard and i should get it soon..I cant even wait to visit Denmark and live there. I think Denmark is one thats best for expressing your art, thoughts, ideas and getting respect for tht and where art is respected there thoughts are always free.. i love that. in Danes, i dont care even if they will not accept me, coz i know they are Danes who have made Denmark and Denmark is happiest country in the world..ALL ARE FREE THERE….I respect tht. Im an Indian and have lived in UK and UKRAINE for over 6 years and found difficulties everywhere and never heard that they are happiest to live. Denmark was my riskiest step ever taken to get settle but only because I think they are confident enough in their life and they respect it…I respect tht too.

    • Rosamelia

      It has been two years since you left that comment. Did you get to experience Denmark? Would you say now danes are rude?

  16. Lise

    Denmark is a great place to live if you don’t oppose to the following:

    1. Overt racism towards foreigners

    2. An egalitarian society that encourages children to disregard and
    disrespect their elders

    3. Booze-swilling, pill-popping nation filled with small-minded,
    provincial and depressed people

    4. German looking girls with tattoos everywhere

    5. Xenophobic, cliquey mentality

    6. An insane taxation system

    7. Crappy/indifferent service everywhere you go

    8. Mediocre food

    9. Soulless people

    10. Pathetic art scene

    11. Laissez-faire attitude toward everything in life

    12. Jantelaw

    13. Danish TV (Horrible)

    14. Danish Music (Same as above)

    15. Crappy Climate

    16. Ugly-sounding language

    17. Health Care is free but not great compared to France (Among other European countries offering free health care)

    18. It is nearly impossible to find a decent rental apartment anywhere in the capitol of Copenhagen

    19. Rudeness

    20. Lack of manners of class

    21. Pettiness abounds (Tit-for-tat)

    22. Everything seems to operate at a very slow pace

    23. Drunk soccer fans

    24. A backward country

    25. Being part of the “old boys club” if you wanna get somewhere

    • Anch

      Lise.Do you live in Denmark? If the points mentioned in your comment are true then why is Denmark called the happiest country to live?

      • Anch

        I would really like to know more about Denmark, so that when I land there I should be ready to get adjusted in their society..:)

      • Line

        Hey Anch 🙂 I’m a Danis girl, and I have lived in Denmark my entire life and enjoyed it a lot. If you have any questions you are welcome to ask me, and Lise seems very furious when it comes to Denmark so I think you will get some answers that is very much her point of view. I will try to give you an objektive answer on how the things generally are in Denmark without my own personal opinion. But in the end you should listen to yourself and really think what country would make you happiest. I think we all are different people who has a home where our heart belongs, but if you choose Denmark I hope you will have a great time here. But no matter where you are going, here is a piece of advise, make sure to get involved in some social groups so you can make some friends. Everything is so much easier when you have some friends + they know the country and can show you aaaall the good places haha 🙂 Hope you will be happy where ever you end up 😉

      • Fucked off

        I’ll tell you why. Who completed the survey? The Danes themselves! Remember, Denmark is always number 1! In everything! And they say so!

      • tommy

        because ignorance is bliss
        and most danes are truly ignorant

    • Joy

      Im sorry?
      Soulless people? What do you base that on?
      Seriously! And you don’t think that’s rude?

    • You.

      Ha ha ha every single point out of 25 points true, that’s incredible! I am an American who escaped Denmark, and I endorse and agree with every numeral on this girl’s list!

      Dear Denmark: how’s it feel being the backwards apartheid South Africa of the EU? Empty, barren… they ought to make every piece of lego chalk white and shaped all exactly the same

  17. Lise

    26. An abundance of White Trash People (Sorry, but it’s true)

    27. Complacent Attitudes and Smugness

    28. High Suicide Rate

    29. Inefficient Public Transportation (Endless delays)

    30.Vapid Politicians

    31. A Ridiculously Overpriced Country (Food, Cars, Gas, Clothing, Ect)

    32. Unimpressive Scenery (Flat and uninspired)

    33. Druggies (Christiania)

    34. Alcoholism

    35. Increasing Homelessness

    36. Laughable Justice System

    37. Freedom of Speech is Taken Too Far (Ask the “Jyllands-Posten” newspaper about that)

    38. Standoffish people

    39. Boring Nightlife

    40. Parents don’t know how to control their kids. Seemingly, children call the shots in Denmark, and as a result, they lose respect for their parents, as most are not given boundaries. A live-and-let-live approach to upbringing for the most part.

    PS:Yes, I misspelled “capital”. (#18) Merely anticipating counter attacks from angry Danish people. Also, #20 should read “Lack of manners. Lack of class.” (Which is absolutely true)

    I recommend Sweden. It blows Denmark out of the water on every point listed above. However, you might end up liking Denmark. I obviously did not enjoy the time I spent there. (7 years)

  18. Lise

    Forgot a few things:

    41. Lack of good taste and etiquette (Big beef for me!!!)

    42. Increasingly crime ridden (Violent crime has become commonplace)

    43. Judgmental People

    44. Fear of Standing Out

    In all fairness, it should be stressed that Denmark has an incredibly generous social safety net and tuition-free higher education. However, this (along with government subsidized health care, ect) is funded through exorbitant tax rates.

    • Line

      Lise.. how can you call us a judgemental people, when the only thing you do is judging us? And yes i know this will sound rude, and I will apoligize a hundrets of times,, but yes please go to Sweden, then Denmark can be the happiest people on earth once again 🙂 And you really can’t blame me for being rude, which I’m not very often, but I haven’t seen so much rudness from one person(you) in a looong time.

      • Anch

        @ LINE…..Hey Line this is Anch…I really liked and thank you to come forward to help me answer my questions…It would be nice of you if you could provide me your email or any contact.. please if you dont mind.
        I am really looking forward to Denmark but I dont want to act stranger there. iknow there is hard time anywhere in the world but I would be more than happy to learn Danish culture to give me comfort when I land there. I have read a lot of super points about Denmark and even I want to experience them to)))))….I hope you could be my mentor..haha…but thanks mate..I really liked your positive reply. looking forward to you. CHEERS!
        PS – If u need my email address..let me know. Cheers

      • How DARE you complain. You judge all non Danes the instant we get there and you will literally walk down the street following us, staring at us, judging us and talking about us. Happened every time I left my aptmnt!

        But can’t even take one website that doesn’t kiss your bony straw haired grunting and puking language ass? Kiss off… the world is onto you.

        Either improve the attitude or the entire world (and our $$$) is going to leave you behind. See how you like being Europe’s Micronesia then

    • Jannik


      The reason I know that you are just a frustrated troll, is that several of your points would describe Sweden equally well.

      And many of your points are really just reformulations of the same message.

      Furthermore, several points are equally true of most nations any where. Which country does not have “vapid politicians”?

      And many people actually supported the drawing of the Muhammed cartoons. You are really just stating personal preferences or your politcal values.

      You must either have had some seriously bad experiences, or you have some personal issues if you seriously can hate a country that much, that you feel an urge to write down 44 points, where several of them are quite redundant.

    • Fine

      I don’t know why, but i feel sad for you… you judge us, but you should know that 80% of all Danes I’ve met have been kind and friendly.
      And yes we use irony alot (but most about joking) and I think that you’ve had some very bad experiences because of that maybe, but that doesn’t mean that every dane is rude, and think about it, just because if it’s 1 person or 10 that have made you that mad, it doesn’t mean we all are like that.
      I can’t help it but feel bad for you :/

    • Johanne

      I’m so happy that you don’t live here anymore. Thank you.

      • I’m sure she’s happier than you are. All the rest of us who escaped Denmark certainly are but your nation leaves quite the bitter taste in people’s mouths. You should be asking yourselves why… because Americans for one have zero need of you and if you disappeared from the map tomorrow only Sweden would notice and breathe a sigh of relief.

      • Sonia, you are being very vulgar and you sound like an awful, just awful person. you are immature, smug, narcisistic and dont sound super intelligent! if you expect to be taken serious, you should delete your 2 year straight rampage on all Danes. god to wish that upon a country, and then from an American of all people. sounds like u came here as an american thinking people would idolize you, and when thaat didnt happen, you started stomping the ground like a little brat and the decided to spread false rumours, again like a little brat!

  19. Lise, better make peace with yourself first.

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  21. Mat

    I spend several years in Denmark and this is my picture of Denmark, Danes as people and their culture. Danes are rude, but not only toward foreigners, they are rude to each other too. New York, where I also lived for some yeas, is well known for rudeness, but still people will hold the door for you. In Denmark you must ask for help otherwise no one will hold the door for even if it is obvious e.g. when moving in. They are quiet greedy no matter what we talk about. Parents are greedy toward children, and for me this is one of the most shocking things I have witnessed in Denmark. Greed among close family members and the fact that most children don’t have close connection to their parents. According to some statistics the Danes are among, if not, the happiest nation on Earth. I strongly believe this is not a true picture of Danes and the danish society. For me most Danes appear to be gloomy and lonely. Silence is fun. They are not open enough to accept new friendships. Their friendship circles are closed ones, so it’s quiet hard and time consuming process to get any danish friends. I see Danes more as honest, but naive people who are blinded by their “wealth system” for which they work 6-7 seven month just to pay the tax to the sate, and the rest is work for their own pleasure. The taxation is between 50 and 60% in most cases. The education is for free from the first school day till the end of the university, but the quality of education can be put in doubt since they are unable to educate experts and the mayor companies in Denmark are more frequently looking for foreign experts. They are proud of their health care system, it’s for free through tax, but really? The health care system is much better in many other European countries! In emergency cases you will wait for a doctor between one and four hours. The practitioners are not reliable. In most cases they will tell you to take some medicine or to drink some tea. Dentists are not for free and bloody expensive! The ones in the USA were almost for free compare to the prices they charge in Denmark. A simple check-up with one UV-photo, 15min. in total costs 970kr (around £100). Danes are lazy – working week is between 35 and 37 hours! That’s also a good side, if you don’t like too much stress. They have 5-6 weeks of paid holiday, so compare to USA were the working culture is rude with long working hours and no expectation to go on any holiday, such attitude to work is paradise while the one in USA is hell! They pay a lot in tax, and the prices are too high compare to average-high salaries. Most cars are owned by banks, because you need a bank loan to by a car! They are also bad drivers. Now I don’t mean that they are the worst ones in the World, but they appear to be confused when driving and to be honest I am surprised they don’t have a car accidents every 10 minutes. The service is poor no matter what we talk about – it’s like come and pay and leave us as soon as possible. Most service companies like TV-cable or mobile operators love to steal money on polite way. They will charge you extra fees for all kind of things. The weather is bad, but no one can be blamed for it, but somehow I have the feeling that it puts a big influence on their behavior. The bottom line is, Denmark is good for those who like to be lonely, work less and don’t mind that average or common “luxury” is overpriced.

    • Spot on, and I have had 3 years of living here to know that this is pretty accurate. In my first year here, I was the blind one…

    • I will say that I think approx 1 in 10 of the Danes I come into contact with are pleasant enough – but my language skills are improving there – it helps!

    • Kasper

      You seem to forget that the average salary in denmark is much higher then the rest of the world.
      In that way people can live with the high taxes, especially the people with the lowest income.

      The higher income you have, the worse it is to live in denmark compared to other countries.

  22. Paul

    I don’t agree that Swedish people are any friendlier than the Danes as stated by another poster. I found them to be just as rude if not worse. Try finding a job there…And good luck… Both countries are equally unsatisfying and lacking in opportunity, but at least the Danes are honest and tell it like it is. The Swedes are some of the rudest, most smarmy/arrogant people I’ve ever met in my life.

  23. Justin

    Well after reading this thread and also others on line as well as engaging Danes online.



    This is agreed upon by the MAJORITY and I’m talking 80% of expats that have lived there for, in some cases, a decade plus.

    Deny it Danes but the rest of the world pretty much agrees you are a bunch of RUDE ALCOHOLICS that live basically, in terms of land etc, A SHIT HOLE!

  24. Jenny

    The Danish are very friendly, open and helpful – I have been to Copenhagen twice and I drove through Denmark with my boyfriend once and every time we need directions or any other helpful tips, we were treated hospitably, despite our Romanian/American accents 🙂

    Their beliefs and cultures are similar to many Western Europeans – they enjoy beer, ale and pilsner, as most Germanic cultures tend to, and almost all of their meals are accompanied by breads and sweets 🙂 It is traditionally a Christian nation, majority Lutheran, though I know most educated and young Danes tend to associate themselves in a “spiritual” sense, rather than “religious.” They like the discos and bars, and they hang out in large groups – they are very friendly in bars, when my boyfriend and I went out to a bar close to our hostel, we made 20 friends in one night and continued to go out with them for the remainder of our stay. And, then when we returned the year later, they were still our friends.

    It’s just a lovely country, with lovely people – the English language is common there, and most young, city residents can speak it rather well. They are very politically correct, accepting, open-minded and happy. I think that you’ll like it a lot.

  25. naomi

    For the most part (with few exceptions) – they come across as being terribly rude and ignorant. There is a true lack of common courtesy and manners in this country. No doubt about it. The service is appalling and the food is very average. From what I can tell, alcoholism and drug abuse is widespread throughout their society. Extremely provincial, insular and slow-paced mentality. (Too many yokels) Danish TV and music are both indescribably horrific and tasteless. Never seen or heard anything like it.

    Redeeming factors: Free health care and a generous social safety net. Free education. (Hence, the over-taxation of Denmark!) Efficient public transportation. Lots of parks in central Copenhagen. Within close proximity to the ocean and beaches which are decent.

    Overall, I can’t say that I’d want to settle down here. It is not a progressive country and I miss the entrepreneurial spirit of North America. It also isn’t immigrant friendly. Definitively on the racist side. Legalizing porn does not single-handedly qualify as progressive! Liberal, yes.

    • Joy

      I’m really sad for all that think that we are like that in Denmark, I agree that the cashier will not always greet you, but at least we are honest. We don’t fake a smile. We don’t give compliments that have not been earned. That may come off as rude, but we just don’t think that stuff like that should be given at all costs.
      We are very open to new acquaintances, but perhaps the differences in culture, makes it difficult to understand each other and even see through each others eyes.
      To all those who have commented negatively, I’m sorry for your bad experiences, but don’t judge us all as one.
      See that would be very rude 😛

    • Bro

      On behalf of the danish people i’m so sorry for not saying “please” in every sentence when we speak. We have been raised the hard way not getting compliments all day long “like in USA lol” – sorry for that too. And yeah some of us are not the fastest despite we might have one of the most educated populations in the world. So yeah, your agument seems legit! We like alcohol but we are not addicts in any way. It’s just a great thing when it comes to socializing with people – sorry if that’s a problem for you too. But yeah, if you ever visit Denmark, actually want to learn anything correct about Denmark and feel the danish “spirit” i’ll be glad to drink a beer or five with you. Cheers mate! 🙂
      PS. I’m SO sorry if anything of this offended you in any way!
      Best regards
      A happy and open-minded Dane who can take a punch or two without calling the person rude 🙂

  26. The Sad Dane

    sry but this post is retarded and untrue dont even want to defend my self, the people who have written this is just plain narrow minded, and cant se the big picture, all countrys have douche bags, just because you met some of ours doesnt generalize an intire population. Sry to say but the people who wrote this post and the people who left negative comments about denmark, are the douche bags, generalizing an intire countrys population on a few bad incidents. shame on you guys.

    • Anch

      Hey..just want to share……i dont care what people are telling wrongs and bads about Denmark..I am happy that I got my GreenCard..and now I cant even wait to visit Denmark….I know I will be able to find best people to talk to in Denmark if I will try my best too…I will learn everything Danes do..so that I can enjoy every bit of Denmark…..CHEERS!!!!….Im coming…….

  27. natty

    No they are not uneducated but they seem to have no ideas of their own. You have a discussion with one and if the subject come up with 1 or 100 more Danes you will hear the exact same opinion. They do however feel that they are all individuals and free thinking. They do all feel very lucky to be Danish and many feel that we all wish we were. They are very proud of their country and nothing wrong with that many people are proud of where they come from but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to come from there. Its hard to have any disagreement with any Dane about anything to do with Denmark as they just do not like to discuss anything thats not good. They may do it with each other but they will not do it with you if you are aforeigner and if they do they will then knock your country or every other country and explain how Denmark is still better.

    • its just not true that we dont have ideas of our own. first and foremost, Denmark is a country renowned for its innovative way of thinking and ability to solve problems.
      second, try asking 100 danesthe same question. im guessing you wont get the same answer as many times as you proclaim you will.
      and thirdly. i hope you have a nice day and please note that im not being rude. just danish

  28. Charlie

    I’ve lived in Denmark for two years now, and I just can’t agree with you. I never felt so loved and respected before. I never felt anything like this when I lived in London. People are so strict and individual there, even though the brits are commonly considered “english gentlemen”. The danes might be direct, and speak harsh words, but it’s often just meant in irony. You have to get used to them, before you can understand them. But when you do, you’ll love them. They are not driven by manners, they are driven by feeling. And that’s what I love about the danes.

    • Lars

      Well 80% expats think we suck. (More or less)
      1940’s germany thougt they had all the answers they were wrong….

      Might be that danes arent right but neither are the expats.
      But we need them and invite them to come here, then we must atleast try to make them feel at home here.
      I agree that there is a culture difference here, i wont say danes are rude (and we cant help it, we have no word for please) but we say thank you a lot in danish, it a big part of our culture to be thankful.

      I would love to help any expat if there is, any culture difference or any problems i could sort out.
      Or help get settled even. (I cant offer any jobs)

      And remember there are scumbags and idiots everywhere in the world.

  29. nat

    what about the fact that the vast majority of Danes feel they are really indivualistic, mye eye they are. Everyone is the same an thinks the same about everything. I am not saying this doesn’t ever happen in other countries I know there is a large proportion of many countries where people are similar and think allike its only normal but in Denmark they really think they are really individualistic it makes me laugh.

  30. kim

    I have a danish neighbour who wrote a rude note on the wall scolding people who threw her stroller(obstructing people s path-small staircase path). She just move in our country less than a month. My whole life i ve never seen anyone wrote a note such a way and hang it on the wall.
    Reading all the messages now i understand where she comes from. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Florence

    I’m not purely Danish, but I come from Danes. If you think Danes are rude, try living in America. Nobody gets any respect unless they’re famous and even then they’re treated like dirt most of the time.

  32. Maria

    I would like to give my opinion here. First of all, Some things are generally true(even tho we shouldnt generalize). Ive been in Denmark plenty of times since my boyfriend is danish (im spanish) so I also lived there for three months.
    Some old people are really nice… i mean,they say good morning to you,they smile etc… But The “problem” is that many younger ones are cold…..shy… Not good manners etc… I felt realy bad when i first met my boyfriends friends..and almost ALL of them totally ignored me,they didnt even say a simple “hi” or looked at me..I felt quite disappointed..

  33. Michael

    I have been living in Denmark since i was 4. I´m thai chinese and really like living in Denmark, however Denmark has changed a lot since the 90´s. For me danish people are like hobbits, everything goes in a slow pace and all of their holidays is based around eating ( not complaining here). The thing which I believe characterize the danes most is their sense of humor, they will make fun of anything and anyone, for outsiders this will come across as rude, but that is actually the danes answer to equality, nothing is so holy that you can not make a joke out of it. The current thing about Denmark is that it is facing huge changes. Because of a poor/ non existing integration system Denmark is facing a clash of cultures and an increasing crime rate, this is a huge problem because it slowly infects the danes view on all foreigners and could jeopardize Denmark´s position as an international player in the future . The economic crisis has had an huge impact on the danish welfare, Socials are lowered, and strange things are taxed. The problem is that a lot of danish young people are raised with the idea that it is their right to get free money from the state. Social payouts has been debated: is it a question of danish standards or having your basic needs covered? I have not travelled a lot in my life but i have a lot of international friends. A lot of them say that some danish people seem stuck up. I do not know that many stuck up danes, but I could imagine that an uninformed, narrow minded, danish nationalist would come across as stuck up because he felt that any other country but his own was unfortunate. As for racism is there any country without it? I used to work at a warehouse. I remember on some my first days they called me ching chung chinaman behind my back. I felt really bad about it because i had lived i Denmark all my life, i share most of their values and speak their language fluently “not many asians do ;p, but my race will always keep me that one step out of the club. Fortunately it is only a small group of Danes who will act “racist” or feel like that, an important thing to remember is that danish people like the ones I worked with in the warehouse is a minority and they were not racist, just inconsiderate and rude. Most Danes see very poorly on racism and it has never been openly tolerated. Best part about Denmark is the national security, the clean streets and the freedom. This country may not be the most exiting, but it is one of the safest countries to raise a child and when that child grows up it can do whatever it wants.

    • Rosamelia

      That’s a very good and objective post. congrats… also, don’t feel bad about the chin chung chinaman thing, it’s a very funny nickname actually.

  34. Liz

    I have had the opportunity to travel a great deal and I do not like generalizations either, but DK is surely a country I would never like to visit again. I can comply with many of the negative comments found on this thread. Before my visit, I imagined DK as a progressive and culturally superior country, however, I was greatly disappointed. I too, found the Danes to lack manners and seemed thoroughly uneducated, although I am sure they are educated, possibly just really lacking behaviour. Lived in Geneva and Zurich, that was pleasant, not Denmark.

  35. Kerry

    I lived in this hellhole for three years and damn near lost my mind. Hated every second of it. Have never encountered such a lack of basic etiquette and manners in my life. Absolutely appalling!! Horrific drunken culture among the younger generation… Most of whom exude a rather arrogant, complacent and disrespectful attitude…Danish people clearly haven’t the faintest clue as to how to raise their children…I’ve never seen anything like it, really…Just a disgusting place filled with racist and socially retarded alcoholics. Do not come here. What an insignificant, backward cesspool of a country. Socialism at its worst!!!

    • Stuck in Denmark

      Hey Kerry, when I read your comment, for a second it made me wonder if i was ME who wrote this. Because I have been thinking the exactly the same thing, word by word!

    • Fucked off

      I agree Kerry. Fucked up socialist Danbots!

      • Kerry. how come you go to denmark ( a travel which i guess was to broaden you Horizon) and then complain that Things are not EXACTLY like back at your home?? maybe you should have studied our culture before hand and maybe you should be a Little more openminded to other peoples way of life. after all…. you were in OUR country. when we are in your counry we try to understand and resect the local culture and norms. apparently you did not do the same.

      • I’ve been looking for a post like this for an age

  36. AS

    Danish people denying that we are rude are simply ignorant or has never been travelling. We are indeed, I’m rightfully ashamed of our country and can’t really see why anyone would want to come and live here.

  37. Emma

    I just want to put something straight here: not all Danes are rude! Yes, a majority of people seem rude but that is maybe not because we want to be it, but because we don’t necessarily know how to respond in public. Danes do not interract with people they don’t know, so when someone ask us something we get really weird..

    Source: I’m a Dane.

  38. Fine

    I’m a Dane too, and I live around an hour away from Copenhagen, and when I went there I actully realised that there are more rude people there than out on the country. It’s maybe because that you (whoever it might be) have been in Copenhagen, but when you come out in the smaller cities I think they are more…. kind and smiling.
    When i were in Copenhagen, no one smiled or when you bought things they didn’t seem friendly to you or anything, and that actully surprised me, because I thought that they would be more nice than that because it’s a bigger city, and where I live people are always being nice to you. But just because you’ve had unpleasant memories about some it doesn’t mean that every Dane is rude and unfriendly, but I also think that they could be more friendly because I also find it unpleasant (And I’m sorry if i spelled something wrong, I’m in a hurry ;D )

  39. RobI

    I don’t find Danes to be rude so much as unbelievably petty-minded – at least some of them. Some of them actually will tell you off for crossing the road when you’ve haven’t got the green man – even though there is no moving car visible in any direction. Again try to pick up a stray newspaper on the Copenhagen S-tog, and odds are some little man will suddenly decide he was reading that paper, even though he previously showed no interest in it.
    But there are a lot of good things about this country – I just can’t stand these little men – and I’m not talking about their physical size. The trick to staying sane here is just don’t take the little men seriously.

    • Rosamelia

      I think you hit the spot there. I’d also like to add I’ve noticed nordic women tend to be a lot less rude than the men, it’s just my opinion.

  40. Truth

    Not entirely true. But danes in general are really cheap. Employers would really suck up your energy fearing you might do less for them. And if they see you can do certain tasks without a question, they’ll keep on asking you to do even more.

  41. Cecilie

    Well, thank you…
    Some of the danes are rude, and some of the American are as well. Nobody can judge a whole country, cause you haven’t met all of them 🙂
    I think it’s a shame to share your negative thoughts on the internet, some may get a wrong first-hand impression.
    Well, I’m proud of my country! 😀

  42. Me

    Although I have some very good friends from Denmark, I’ve also experienced the rudeness of the Danes. I don’t want to generalize, but I think that some Danes are very competitive (well, this is true to many other countries as well) and they can behave very rude to foreigners when they feel threatened by them. And when they feel threatened by you, they will try to bring you down in social contexts (social exclusion, making jokes about you at the presence of others etc.). Again, I do not want to generalize, but I just think that these are distinctive features of the Danish culture, which I haven’t experienced in other parts of the world.

    • not entirely true. if we feel threatened by you we will end any conversation we might be having with you and move on with our lives. simple as that

      • We Americans feel and do exactly the same and take our American dollars right out the door with us. Think it doesn’t matter to you? Only time Danes were ever nice to me was when I took out my credit card. Oh such stars in eyes and such big happy smiles, such friendliness then!

        And they want to label us the fake ones because we happen to MEAN IT when we say hi

      • would love to meat you Sonia, and get a thorough explanation of the buased subjxtive pile of crap u keep spilling. I lived in America and dont even get me started on whats wrong with that country, but unlike u I do not generalize a whole nation. u seem to think u are entitled because you are American, which at first would give u a very bad start in Denmark. u can take ur dollars, they are worth shit, just ask China.

  43. skandinav

    I snacker lort.I am from Sweden and they are all right to me. One thing is strange, a lot of Swedes go to Copenhagen every day but people in Copenhagen only notices drunk and asocial idiots so they do not realize a lot of people go shopping, go to museums, or just relax. In 1988 I lived in Copenhagen for half a year and met a lot of nice people. People from Southern England try to pretend they have been to fine public schools and are obsessed with class. They are rude, ignorant, snobby, asocial and have stupid attitudes. The Americans are talkative and pretends to listen but you can just as well say Hellogoodby. People from Scotland or northern England knows how to behave. In US or England they teach foreign languages but nobody learns it.How come if they are so smart.Ta seden dit ni kommer. It means you adapt to the culture were you are going.

  44. Stef

    Although Danes are wonderfully loyal and warm friends, Copenhagen as a city is unfriendly and cold, a very provincial town of smug small-minded people who are not at all curious about the world. Cosmopolitan European capital it is not. Ask any foreigner living in CPH and they will say something along the same lines. In fact you don’t even need to ask. Most expats start ranting about the Danes and how unfriendly/uneducated/monotonous they are sooner or later in any conversation… if the foreigner has a non-white skin colour, they will often tell you about the unthinking racist jokes or even occasional abuse they have to put up with too. That famous “Danish irony” strikes again… I’m sorry Danes, you may think you are the happiest people on the planet, but you sure don’t show it, and you certainly don’t give two sh1ts about anyone else’s happiness. Certainly not that of the foreigners living and working amongst you anyway… As you carelessly slam the door in my face, and don’t say “tak” if I hold it open for you, brazenly push past me in the lunch queue (call it your culture if you like, I call it plain rudeness), urinate/vomit/pass out on my doorstep, grimace or don’t respond when I say hello on the stairs, pull my bike out of the rack and leave it in the rain, stand with your pushchair/suitcase/bike/child blocking the way on the footpath/in the airport/metro/train/supermarket, not moving, not even seeing or caring that there could be anyone else in the world who might need to pass through the same space that you so casually see as your’s by right… I have to say that as I might like your city… its inhabitants are often pretty hard to like. Rant over.

  45. KSan

    after just 4 days in CPH the overall vibe I’ve gotten is that it’s a city of smug homogenized hipster douchebags who hear your English speech, instantly assume you’re a shithead American tourist (I’m Canadian, for one), and turn around to talk shit about you in Danish with a condescending smile. there’s definitely a uniform here for both guys and girls, and I can see where the racist/closed minded attitudes of many Danish people I’ve met come from because EVERYONE HERE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. so maybe Canadians get a rep for being so friendly that it’s disingenuous, but I’m pretty sure foreigners in Vancouver don’t feel actively excluded the way I feel here. when we meet someone from somewhere else, we go out of our way to help them or talk to them or at least ask where they’re from, and we genuinely celebrate and acknowledge our differences. CPH is as beautiful a city as I imagined, but the people do not match and I’m so glad I’m leaving in a few days with higher hopes for continental Europe. (Iceland, for the record, was wonderful and even just in the week I was there the people felt warm and interested in having a chat, even if they did have a touch of that infamous “Scandinavian irony”.)

  46. Todd Rogers

    Another Canadian here. Have to agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with the above poster. Beautiful city. However, I found the people there to be insufferably bigoted and racist. Smugness abounds. That’s for sure. Complacent hipster mentality combined with extreme narrow-mindedness. Also, remarkably poor social skills and absolutely appalling customer service. Very little (if any) diversity among the population. Scandinavians seem to be obsessed with conformity. Also, Copenhagen is extremely segregated which really surprised me. Danes do not generally socialize with foreigners. That was evident from the get-go. And yes, it got very tiring being identified as a Yank as soon as a North American accent was detected, but what do you except? They’re not the most educated people on the planet, unfortunately. I’m Canadian, thank you very much!

    Art scene was very average to say the least. Attractive looking women everywhere, but again, I did not care for the lack of refinement and manners. Danish women strike me as being countryside hillbillies out of touch with metropolitan culture. Have been to London, Paris, Berlin, Rome…CPH is a joke in comparison…On every level…

    In fairness, I will say that I did meet a very select few cool people there, but overall, it felt like a tremendous waste of twelve months, and frankly, I could not wait to return to Canada.

  47. Johny

    Danish people wil never say something bad about their own country or people, thats the first thing. Beecause they are egoistic, nacionalist s with lack of education and lack of the view to the world..
    They are living lives from the begining on that way that their own country tell them, f…k they cant even make a barbecue on their own, they have to go to the store and listen what are they teling them about how to make a barbecue… They are very stupid acting like the Danish people are bigger and better from rest of the world but the truth is they are on a bottom of the world. A fact that a child 14 years old can buy an alcohol in a store says a lot, ok alcohol i m not sure exactly the precentage but i think aroun 13 precent and if you are over 16 u can buy anything, is something like that…

    By thet they are telling children ok, its ok to drink and be an alcoholic…
    Denmark is a shit hole with the bigest taxes and Danish people are so stupid that they are thinikng like a country is giving something to them in truth it s taking a lot from them and making them stupid from birth telling them how to live a live….

    I would like to meet a danish person i real who can over true my facts,
    In the end Denmark is a bigest shit hole in a normal world…

    • Henriette Steinrueck

      I have no idea were you are from originally , however it can’t be from an English speaking country, considering the many mistakes you made in the above statement. It is difficult to take any of your comments serious. Do you really believe that the country is making people stupid? Denmark has the highest amount of Noble price winner per capita in the world.
      Lack of view of the world? As a whole the people of Denmark speak very good English and in most cases either German or French , this makes it possible to connect to people and understand foreign cultures when traveling(and travel they do) and when following the international news stations.
      About the alcohol, I have 3 college student going to school here in the U.S, believe me, the amount of beer and hard liquor that is being consumed on campus is mind blowing. Just because it is Illegal here doesn’t mean that underaged kids don’t get their hands on it and that it is not a serious problem.

      • Rosamelia

        Ms. Steinrueck, I know, it’s a terribly late reply (oops), but I just wanted to comment…howcome you took “Johny”‘s comment seriously? I mean, when he says “Denmark is at the bottom of the world”… I just laughed. Apparently to him “the world” is made up of northern European countries alone. Also, I agree with your post 100%.

      • Jordan

        You need to check out your information mate but hey your a Dane think you know it all.

    • You my friend is one ignorant son of a bitch.

      First of all – alcohol can be bought at the age of 16 – spirit and such with an alcohol percentage higher than 14 % is 18.

      Alcoholism isn’t more widespread in Denmark than in other countries. It’s a fact that countries in colder climate has a greater intake of alcohol than those in warmer climates.

      You say that we lack education – fact is, that we together with the Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian are considered to be the best at English as 2nd language. Internationally seen we’re still above average in education – so your accusations have no root whatsoever in the truth.

  48. OH!

    I am a Korean and working with people 15 different countries. AND YES, Norwegians are nice and Danish are rude. It is almost always the case. It is always easier dealing with Norwegians. Danish people are so demanding and RUDE(even when they ask for favors). Every colleagues of mine agrees. No discussion needed.

    • Whenever I encounter an Asian in Denmark, I always feel that they are much nicer than the Danes.
      Because Asians are taught discipline and respect in their upbringing.
      Here, not so much.
      I’ve only met one rude Asian in my life.

      • it could also be that asians living in denmark dont generally mingle with danes. they stick to themselves and their families and just fade into the background.

      • thats funnu because the only nice asians i meet are from the SE. the koreans and chinese are sooooooo rude, if u enjoy stoic fake politeness, then sure:)

  49. Every country and every people has their flaws.

    You can speak bad about Denmark, but the way our social security system is developed is from my point of view something that any country should try to copy.

    The way some people describe Denmark here is not very flattering, not to say very rude – their choice in words really makes you think, can Danes really be the rude people?

    A positive thing about Denmark, we’re along with New Zealand the least corrupt country in the world. Corruption is often symptomatic for a country where the wealth is unequally divided – which it is not in Denmark.

    We have a progressive tax-system, the more you earn the more you pay, although you might not harvest the benefits from it. You will still get more to yourself than your less paid neighbour.

    I have met several other cultures – and it’s my belief that your success with the interaction with other human beings – no matter where – is very much influenced by your own efforts.

    I’ve been to Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Austria… just to name a few countries just for a week – and I haven’t yet had any trouble engaging the locals (except for the language barriers). If you are open-minded and genuinely interested I am of the impression that no one will turn you down.

    I’m part Swiss myself and saying that Danes are overly nationalistic is just pure bullshit. Everyone likes their own country (hopefully). If I meet Swiss-German people in Denmark and engage them by speaking their 1st language, they’re thrilled with joy. This is just a natural human tendency to stick to what one know on beforehand.

    I must agree that Danes in public can seem a little “unfriendly” I don’t know what the reason to this very introvert behaviour is. But on the contrary I could almost vomit when I hear the American saying “hey, how are you?” – it’s not a question, it’s a greeting – but why not stick to the hey, why do add a questionmark if it’s not really a question.

    Anyway, atleast if you are fond of blonde, tall and fit ladies – visit Denmark.

  50. Tim

    I am Dutch. The Netherlands has lots of similarities with Denmark.

    Good social security and health care available for everyone.
    Good education
    Little corruption
    Poor service
    Direct, (rude?) people

    Also in the Netherlands we are brought up with the tought that everyone is equal. Your boss is not a god. You can talk to him like he is your equal.

    In my work i meet a lot of foreigners and they can’t put their heads around this. How can you threat everyone as they are equal to you. They get offended really quick cause they feel better than other people and demand respect. But we only give respect to people who deserve it. In my perception this is the common problem witch causes misunderstanding.
    Mostly Americans demand that you threat them like they are gods. If you are just nice, smile and to the point, they look at you with disgust.. HOW CAN HE BE SO RUDE.. and we are like what have we done? But hey i’m just talking for myself no idea how much this has to do with your situation in Denmark.

    Greetings from a Dutchy

  51. Tim

    I forgot to mention. I wrote this because we get the same complaints from foreigners of our country.

  52. Henrik

    I truly believe the Danes are not only ignorant, dumb and bizzare… but they also lack politeness … And oh boy, when I say that they lack politeness , they surely need to take some politeness courses somewhere…

    • That’s right. Do you still live here?

      • As we Americans invented WordPress and the internet, I would be careful if I were you with that asking when people who criticize the Danes are “going to leave”. America could yank Denmark’s entire POP interlink system in a matter of seconds and send you all back to the stone age where you can insult foreigners using Viking smoke and rocks.

        When are you going to leave our internet, our Google and our computers and our WordPress?

  53. Claus

    Having lived in Denmark for 25 years now, I can tell you that most Danes are rude, arrogant, extremely selfish, uneducated. The alcohol problem is huge. A few month ago there was a story about a women who gave one of her newborn siblings a bottle of something they call Mokai. It’s like a Breezer. She posted it on Facebook, bragging about it.
    Basically every neighbor I’ve had has been rude here in Denmark.
    I was once harassed in a grocery store called Lidl BY THE MANAGER!!!!!
    I have Epilepsy, and I was experimenting with my medicine to see how much I need, and I had taken to much that day, so I looked disoriented or something, and the manager and another worker called me freak when I walked by them, minding my own business.
    And the prisons are not prisons. It’s three-star hotels.
    There are a few good people. But most Danes are rude.
    They cut you in line.
    The only people that know how to behave well in Denmark are the East Asians.
    I have only in my life, in Denmark, met one rude East Asian.
    And probably 100k rude danes. They learn respect in their culture.
    Here in Denmark, parents are too busy with their soccer worship and their alcohol-consumption.

    I’ve had workers in my apartment a couple of times, and one time after they had left, the little red and blue dots on the faucet were missing. Something else was missing too, I forgot the item. But it seemed like these people just got a kick out of harassing me by removing those blue and red dots that mean cold and hot water, so when I move, I’ll have to replace them.
    I know it sounds paranoid, but I live here, I think I would know.

  54. Having lived in Denmark for 25 years now, I can tell you that most Danes are rude, arrogant, extremely selfish, uneducated. The alcohol problem is huge. A few month ago there was a story about a women who gave one of her newborn siblings a bottle of something they call Mokai. It’s like a Breezer. She posted it on Facebook, bragging about it.
    Basically every neighbor I’ve had has been rude here in Denmark.
    I was once harassed in a grocery store called Lidl BY THE MANAGER!!!!!
    I have Epilepsy, and I was experimenting with my medicine to see how much I need, and I had taken to much that day, so I looked disoriented or something, and the manager and another worker called me freak when I walked by them, minding my own business.
    And the prisons are not prisons. It’s three-star hotels.
    There are a few good people. But most Danes are rude.
    They cut you in line.
    The only people that know how to behave well in Denmark are the East Asians.
    I have only in my life, in Denmark, met one rude East Asian.
    And probably 100k rude danes. They learn respect in their culture.
    Here in Denmark, parents are too busy with their soccer worship and their alcohol-consumption.

    I’ve had workers in my apartment a couple of times, and one time after they had left, the little red and blue dots on the faucet were missing. Something else was missing too, I forgot the item. But it seemed like these people just got a kick out of harassing me by removing those blue and red dots that mean cold and hot water, so when I move, I’ll have to replace them.
    I know it sounds paranoid, but I live here, I think I would know.

    • first off. the “alcohol problem” you talk about is not a problem. if you want to generalise on Things like that we could tlk about Americas overweight problem or Irans herion addiction or Slovakia’s inhalant problem or even canada’s pot addiction and mexico’s meth problem. and just FYI. the Russian’s actually consumes more alcohol than any other people on the planet. every operson on this planet drink an average of 6.1 litres a year. the russians drink 14 litres a year. so….. your argument invalid and reeks of biased opinions…

      • oh and in europe luxemborg takes first place amongst drinkers with denmark all the way Down at an 8th place behind:
        7. France
        6. Austria
        5. Germany
        4. finland
        3. ireland
        2. Czech Republic

      • Jordan

        Why is it you Danes can not take a negative comment as a why of bettering yourselves. you always have to look at condemning other for your own failures. SAD

  55. Fucked off

    Sorry guys but I agree with Fabian and many others here. I’m British and have lived in many little european countries like Switzerland and Belgium. So I know about the little country mentality and germanic rule making etc. Before I went to Denmark for a 2 year stay, i heard about how the people are the happiest in the world, how efficient and green it is, how open minded people are etc etc. My stay was hell. I got shouted at in Heathrow airport by and old lady for no reason. I saw her passport: Danish. When the plane landed, the people got up and fought eachother to get in the already full aisle. The dane next to me trod on me and hit me on the head with his bag, didnt apologise. People were acting like the plane was on fire. Retards. And yes, everytime I flew out of denmark people would behave like this. No patience, no courtesy. Anyway I encountered garbage like this on a daily basis, being ignored by people I knew, being told how to behave. Being told to stand in the freezing rain at 3am because the light isnt green at the traffic light. The behaviour of MOST danes was sarcastic, rude, pretentious. The number of times I was told off by someone, or told “the rules” and “this is how we do things in denmark” and “Pay your danish taxes!” etc etc became a daily thing. Danes are like robots. They follow petty unwritten rules and are unable to think for themselves or make exceptions. People say they are weird. No shit. I got a lift in a colleagues car “to the corner”. I got in and 5 seconds later she dropped me off. Yes, 5 seconds. Gee thanks for the ride! Buses are hilarious. Often when they are packed, you need to get off the side door to help elderly ladies off. When you get on again the driver will shout his ass off. I sat on a bus next to a collegue once in the morning, a colleague I actually liked. She wouldnt talk to me and pretended I wasnt there. People in the office only say hello on their arrival. If you say hello to them in the afternoon they get confused and pretend not to see you. This happened with many danish people. After 2 years I was sick of it. My company offered me a permanent job but i had to say no, sorry. By the way to the few danes that were nice to me, thanks, I appreciate it. Some are prepared to be flexible and friendly to a foreign guy like me. They are exceptions unfortunately.

    • Rosamelia

      Wow, the thing that happened to you in airplanes happened to me once too…with the only dane I’ve ever met in my life (no idea who he was, he was sitting next to me by coincidence on a flight). Up until now I thought the punch on my back on our way out of the plane was because I didn’t want to go to the airplane’s bathroom with him… now I know that sort of behavior is more common than one would expect… sheesh, are those people for real?

  56. Jan Gustav

    I got attacked by a dane some weeks ago. He pushed me on the street accusing me that I pushed him. I only passed by him very close due to space limitations in the supermarket and I even smiled at him as a sign of appology.
    Yet he came to me and pushed me and all my groceries were on the floor because I lost balace 😦
    Denmark is a fucked up place…
    I believe it’s only about propaganda on TV and the internet when they say that Denmark is the best place to live and that the danes are the happiest in the world. Bullshit! Danes are drinking over the limit, and take more anti deppressants than any population on the planet.
    90 percent of my colleagues at work were arrogant, lacking social skills( not eve saying good morning to you or good bye)

    They swear , they scream, they are everything that you dont wan’t them to be ! OMG!

  57. goggi

    honestly, I’m danish and i’m ashamed that i’m danish. Have you ever wished that you lived somewhere else so much, that you almost were willing to head towards the border without any money or nothing just to get away. This is how i feel every day. I don’t feel like i belong here, the mentality is just so aarh. The arrogance, the sick mentality of the youth is disgusting. Kids start drinking at the age of 13-14 years old, and are proud of it ? wtf. there are so many alcoholics. The girls are so stuck up it should be illegal. There’s no future here for me. whatever you do, if you live in another well functioning country, never move to Denmark. It’s a decision you’ll regret for the rest of your life!

    • Rosamelia

      goggi, if you’d like to go to a place where people are nice and treat you right (even if you have no money), welcome to Colombia. I remember an american once saying “God left his heart in Latinamerica” when referring to us. It’s a shame we get such a bad rep from the old times. The only big problem is the ridiculously low wages; but if you can speak more than one language (and I imagine you do), I’d say it wouldn’t be that hard to get a better paying job in the tourist service industry.

    • An honest Dane.

      Move to America, sweetheart. We’ll take care of you and treat you right. You can even start your own business. You’ll have a future.

  58. after reading through this i can only say that most people hating on the danes in here are not very well informed. they are biased in their opinions, they judge a Whole population over 6 million people by the actions of a single city. yes, we danes tend to be very closed when meeting new people but in retrospect it does make sense. for thousands of years people have lived in very small, tightknit Groups up here in the North. we didnt have anyone to ask for help if Things went bad, we didnt have hot weather or anything. we had snow and Cold weather, short summers, raiding parties coming from the South, West, East and North and we are surrounded by Water.
    and Jan Gustav. if you had your facts right you would know that Iceland i actually the consumer of most antidepressant in the World with a whooping 71 persons per 1000 taking antidepressants. and boohoo you got pushed. on my last trip to the United states i was mugged and beaten within an inch of my life. and im not ranting about how “all Americans are violent pricks WHO can only think with their brawns”. no. i accept that a single persn can be fucked up. a lot of persons can to. but a Whole country??? its just plain stupid to base your opinion on a country’s population on a single city and/or single incident.

    with this being said. i still respect your opinions, they are yours to have and keep. but when you hate on my country you hate on me and every dane alive. and if you still wish to continue doing that, then i would like to ask WHO is being the rude.one

    • Passante

      “after reading through this i can only say that most people hating on the danes in here are not very well informed.”
      It’s funny that you perceive criticism as hate.
      “yes, we danes tend to be very closed when meeting new people but in retrospect it does make sense. for thousands of years people have lived in very small, tightknit Groups up here in the North. we didnt have anyone to ask for help”
      That is victimism on its best: we feel isolated for ages so everybody has to pay for it. Great reasoning!
      “i still respect your opinions, they are yours to have and keep. but when you hate on my country you hate on me and every dane alive. and if you still wish to continue doing that, then i would like to ask WHO is being the rude.one”
      When someone hates your country, hates you? really? They are Danes in this page that have said that they hate Denmark too. Do you hate them back? And if you hate them are you hating also Denmark as well since they are Danish too. Try to think for yourself and see yourself as an individual not as a part of a flock, if you don’t want to have sheepish reasoning. Someone who insults, criticises or even despise my country can have good reasons for, and instead of judging him or her I prefer to listen of what he/she has to say. We can always learn of other human beings. I’ve learnt things in any country I lived and that includes Denmark of course.

    • “boohoo you got pushed”

      There it is right there. 🙂

      • respond to the post as a whole, instead of nitpicking parts, out of context I might add, to suit your agenda. I myself am a Canadian, I have lived in the US aswell, and for rudeness and sick behaviour, you guys simply take the cake and its not even close. I have been mugged once in Houston, threatened with a knife in Jersey. verbally assaulted in many US airports. not to mention Americans lack etiquete and style when travelling, the number of times ive sat besides a fat smelly American on a flight. what about your religious fanatics? your obesity? your empirialistic behaviour around the world? your fault in the collapse of the world economics becaus of a corrupt wall street. what about highest number of serial killers in the world? everytime I go to the carribean, hotels are full of fat Americans who only eat fried foods in freaking hot weather and would never dare to leave their hotel.

        ur problem my dear, is that you expected to be treated like a queen because of your nationality, and when that did not happen, ypu decided to brat out.

        btw, I still love america, because I have sense and dont judge the country as a whole!

        its ur responsability tomfit in, in a new country, you failed, and give a whole nation the blame.

        absolutely pathetic!

      • read up on some hoffstede before you venture to a new country next time, it might have prepared you to asimilate, which is prepared when people come to a new country. America is a young country founded on multiculturalism, so they dont count in the same sense, as they have many micro cultures within!

        There are many faults with thr Danes, but there are also many faults with other countries.

        there are assholes in all creeks and corners of the world – its ur responsability to sort through them.

        it takes cultural intelligencem something you lack!

      • which is expected, not prepared.

  59. Foreigner

    I’ve been living in Denmark for five years now and as sorry as i am to say it, I want nothing more than to get out of here. I lived in the US, the Netherlands, Norway, France, and Germany before and although I had loads of a bad experiences in these countries (starting by being robbed to serious food poisoning) still I would return at any time. Why? Because people in these countries went out of their way and gave me the feeling of belonging. They showed genuine interest in my culture, and they acknowledged that being a foreigner can be tough sometimes, especially if you are new to a country, so they helped and supported me. In these five years in Denmark I met very few people who would do the same. Most of the time people would brag about the Danish superiority in practically everything and talk down on other countries in a very stereotypical fashion – healthcare in the US is bad – it’s actually not much worse than the Danish acording to WHO – or all Americans are fat – sure and all Danes are super slim as we have daily proof on the street. In Denmark most people expected me to understand their culture, humour, way of living from day one, and had nothing else to do than to sneer and make sarcastic remarks if I didn’t. I’m part German by origin and nowhere on this planet have people rubbed the historic past of my country so constantly and shamelessely into my face, not even in Britain ;). The thing that hurt me most, though, was that some parents in kindergarden would not let their kids play with mine and found a multitude of excuses why they never had time, although the children expressed a sincere wish to visit each other. We are a normal highly educated family with a clean house and no problems of drug abuse or violence, we all speak Danish quite well, but the sheer fact that we aren’t Danish was enough to cut us out.
    My impression is that the average Dane is very inapt to deal with anything that is different from what he/she is accustomed to. The mentioned comformity in this country doesn’t help to alleviate this incapability. Danes use to praise themselfs for their English, well, I’m not too impressed to be honest, it’s nothing compared to the Netherlands and many people in Denmark actually feel very uncomfortable speaking English.
    However, all these things, plus the bad weather, ugly architecture, bad food, horrific public transport, zero service mindedness, and a general lack of savoir vivre would not make me dislike this country. No country is perfect, they all have their flaws and sure there are stupid people everywhere. But the thing that makes me truly dislike Denmark is the arrogant and presumptious notion Danes and Danish politics display towards the rest of the world. In the Third Reich there was a nationalist slogan saying “Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen.”, well, this fits well to Denmark today, as a recent poll revealed that every third Dane is convinced that the world would be a better place if all countries were more like Denmark. Danish immigration politics are inhuman, just take the recent debates on the green card scheme or family reunion as an example. Danes marrying foreigners are pratically punished for it by the state by ripping their families apart or not even letting them return to their home country. The green card scheme is now called ‘clean card’ scheme because it lures highly educated foreigners to Denmark under the false pretence that there are jobs in the plenty for them, although the only thing that awaits them is a job as a cleaning lady. The green card destroys existences as people often use all their savings to come to Denmark and often get stuck here because they don’t have the means to return. Some end up being homeless or even prostitute themselves. All this is known and has been discussed in the media, and yet politicians do nothing about it. So in my eyes this makes Danish immigration policy the most cynical and inhuman on the planet. And it fits so neatly into the picture of a xenophobic and self-centered population were large parts have no problems to vote for an exreme right wing party. I wish for their own sake that the average Dane comes to realise that they live in a globalised world and that they won’t be able to keep up their living standard if they don’t start to accept that they can’t lock themselves into their little cozy country. The unwilligness to get out of their way to embrace difference and diversity is maybe just the consequence of a general laziness and mental immobility that is so dominant in the Danish society.

    • Rosamelia

      very eloquent comment

    • Truthful, agreed on all counts. Don’t worry though. Karma has a way of catching up with these people. Their little Socialism Lite paradise will collapse by 2020 when the EU applies them sanctions for their racism about the migrant situation, and when the krone run out, and they find there is no imagination and daring do left (because they chased all the inferior Americans out), no hard workers left (because they harassed and chased out all the Slavs), no tech savvy left (because the Chinese got tired of being called names), no music or arts scene left (because blacks do not like being called an N), and no sympathy left because everybody in Europe is finally open about pitying and hating them –

      They will collapse economically and be annexed by Sweden and Norway who will cut the country in half, each take an island and civilize them by force. Danes remind me of all the ugly things about racist white lower class trailer park Americans. Put a trailer park meth head in a tight black coat and tell them they are royalty and what do you get – a Dane.

      Don’t be too impressed by how their clothes look on them. It is easy to wrap a black strip of rag around a street pole.

  60. Lars

    The Danes are classless pigs. Disgustingly nationalistic people. Do not move here.

    • Rosamelia

      Agreed, I wish Danes didn’t get out of their corner of the world either. Nobody likes their rudeness, specially when they boast about it thinking it’ll keep foreigners out. (it doesn’t, because there are things in the world worst than rude people)

  61. Lars

    Very spoiled, lazy and entitled population. Everything is handed to them by their socialist government, which is the main cause of the extreme complacency that is so pervasive in Denmark. And yes, the vast majority of Danes are terribly racist. Some are not, obviously, but overall, they are not the most welcoming of people. It is a minuscule country with even smaller-minded people. Those who do not fit that bill remain a very small minority, unfortunately. Also, as someone else noted above, depression and alcoholism seem to be major issues here.

  62. rachel

    compared to people ive met in britain,US,even germany.YES,the danes are obviously not so bright.They are just not ignorant,they are actually very shallow people.They tend to think in a very shallow way,theres no deep thinker in that country trust me you will rarely find one,the danes are classless,feminine country that produces unmotivated people.EUROS are weird and funny!

  63. Bandidos

    Well if you don’t like Denmark go fuck you self and piss out of our country ! Only the best of the best shall live in DK ! Hail h……

    • Gladly, enjoy your inbred little albino country. By the way it’s smaller than Disneyland is in most nations and Disneyland has a larger GNP!

      Be proud of that and go have your 40th beer and fall face first into some lort. “Superior” nation

  64. John Pierre

    Why? Danish people are good only the problem is they don’t understand or speak English so i use Google Translate to my one friend on facebook 🙂

  65. Rikke

    It’s a toilet…Look elsewhere for quality of life….You won’t find it here….

  66. Momomo

    😄 I find all of the comment hilarious, I moved to Denmark 6 months ago, and I have to say the people are actually nice and very very optimistic, They laugh at the jokes that I think are not funny, and they actually repsects foreigners.

    As rude people, of course there are such ones in here. But I just don’t get it, Americans that I’ve met are even worst than the Danes, but then, you criticize the Danes for being so rude?.. You don’t really have lots of reasons either, well, I don’t really care about that.

    I’m an Indonesian, I miss my country a lot and my language and the food! But, I just think you were having a bad day in Denmark because of the rude Danes [Or, I think you’re just looking at the negative things and expecting people to act positive towards you] and beside, you are an expat! I think?.. Well, kinda. As an expat is pretty hard to survive in a different country, and yup, I’ve been there and I blame the entire country for my depression of being different! But just remember this, what’s in internet, stays in internet.

    I just hope you are know thinking Danish people are nice now! And start thinking positives thing than the things you hated the most. I hope you have a good day! Altho I also hope you learn your lesson cause I swear to God, you’re the one who’s rude.

  67. Marlene

    Hey you silly woman having started such a rediculous debate about ONE country and everybody else being just as herrassing: DO NOT go judge an entire nation as ONE individual!!! NOBODY is perfect. NOBODY live a perfect life. NO NATION is perfect! Not even your own for that matter!!! And not even YOURSELVES!!! Can you honestly say that you are??? No – I thought not. Don`t forget the saying that “when you point one finger at someone else – you have yet three fingers pointing back at yourself” Please, don`t forget that…! One last thing: grow up and be a little more tolerant, open and friendly to others. I`m sure it`ll become you all very well.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  68. HonchoGang

    danish people are a bunch of fucking racist all of them 15 years in this country has made me see it clear dansih people fucking suck they fucking disgusting they have sex with anymals and they are uncivilized and for the record fuck em all

  69. Fabrizio

    First of all I like to show off. I am really smart and have a high level education (both school education and good manners).
    Second, leaving my good manners aside for a second, you all are a bunch of idiots.
    Third, I never speak unless I am sure I am speaking the absolute truth.
    This said, Denmark is a country full of lies, danish kids have absolutely no education and behave like wild animals, weather is horrible, food is even worse, bathrooms are still of the 1950s level but for most danish is ok since they don’t use them often, the language is a bunch of horrible weird sounds, some people are among the worst hypocrite and liar in the world which is bad considering that many of those are doctors, which leads to my last consideration: public (and also private) health is comparable with 3rd world countries.

    There are also many good things about Denmark which I am not writing here though,

    You will not agree because of your stupid danish pride but here you get it.
    The hugly truth

    • Rosamelia

      Fabrizio, obviously, claiming to be smart and well educated while at the same time saying “you’re all a bunch of idiots” to people you know nothing about is contradictory and dumb. As I see it, this is just an old comments’ section where people are venting some steam; no need to be rude to people who perhaps have been the victims of others in real life.

  70. ted

    Started an education here in Denmark, regretted it on the second day of school, a lot of the kids are nice but the mean ones are worst I’ve ever met. Stay away from Denmark, when they start to suffer financially from their attitude to immigrants, they will learn.

  71. Jordan

    Danes are unfeeling rude arrogant selfish liars nice to your face put the knife in your back when you turn. refuse you your rights. because in Denmark its all for the Lame Dane not for the foreigners. all they do is go on about themselves.and how the foreigners are the reason the country is not successful. foreigners manage main business in the country as they where all losing money i think they should all leave them to learn how to do it for themselves you know get a real education.

    They can not even get the metro build as they do not have the qualified people in the country to do it. they got the Italians to come over and help treated the Italians like shit so they left. 15yrs they have been building it still not finished as none of us want to help them…

    How’s it feel…..Denmark

    Well before you get glory you have to earn it there all a punch of wantabes and if they can get a chance to steal other country’s glory they will. Rip the gold rings of the refuges finger take there diamonds or anything else of value to pay for there stay. so Fascist 1945 you taxed us foreigners more so you could keep your single parents on the dole BBC got you for that… and a lot more.

    I tell everyone I meet all over the world to avoid this country and tell them that when I was there I had a heart attack and they tried to chuck me out of the hospital until I asked for the British embassy put there balls in there handbags then. yet in our country’s if we did it to them they would call us uncivilized.

    As for beauty where’s that then rotten inside rotten outside. a punch of alcoholics who dream of being like everyone else how sad they are and I do not want them in my Country.

    I give to you Lame Danes what you gave to me YOUR ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY COUNTRY STAY AWAY FROM THE UK AND IRELAND…Vacation in Denmark at least you can all sit down with your alcohol and talk about yourselves all day and all night we all know that will make you all very happy.

    So remember when you have abused all the educated foreigners and made them leave stay where you are, you have what you wanted, your cold selfish miserable unevolved country to yourselves stay in 1945 do not evolve we do not give a crap about any of you.. STAY IN DENMARK…

    • Christ almighty this pretty much completely sums it up. Fantastic comment and what they did to the Italians doesn’t surprise me. I can’t wait for schadenfreude to come bite this spooky, stupid, insular little moss mound of race hobbits square in the bum! I hope when it does and they are begging for food and loans the Germans tell them to kick sand. Let’s see how their prized welfare state works for them once the EU sanctions the F out of them and nobody invests in or is a tourist in them anymore…

      It is all a pipe dream… Berlin and Brussels are paying for everything the Danes think is theirs and when that bubble finally bursts there will be hell to pay… we should lock them all in DK and not allow them into any of our countries… kiss that African safari, Asian exotica and American sunshine and beaches goodbye… Denmark’s so perfect? STAY THERE then

      Like I said before we Americans get rightfully called arrogant at times but truth is we’re the world’s jewel, like it or not. If America disappeared tomorrow the entire world would end but if Denmark disappeared, who would notice it? The “Swedes”?

      The Swedes would all cheer

      That is a fact Denmark had better sober up and look in the mirror on

      All these expats are not saying the same thing FOR NO REASON

    • LOOOOOOOL. this post and others are so full of errors its fucking retarded.. Some expacts have had a bad stay, and I regret that.. And I dont take that from you.. But dont go shedding lies and hyperbole because of said shit. All countries and nationalities have their faults, ESPECIALLY AMERICA ! And there are Danes who can build the metro, the contract was offered all companies fair, and the ITALIAN company had the best offer. NOW THAT ITALIAN COMPANU hired ROMANIANS; YES ROMANIANS NOT ITALIANS, and THEY WERE NOT HIRED BY THE DANES. These Romanians were trated poorly by the Italian company, and the Danish government interveined. Im not sure why so many of you expacts are so uninsightfull towards own nations, and I dont get the need to spread blatant lies… Its awfully dumb…

  72. Denmark reminds me of a fat, ugly girl nobody is asking out who will tell you and everybody all evening while she is drunk she would not go out on a date with anyone in the club because she is better than they are and “has standards” lol

    Denmark expects the entire world to line up, bend over and kiss its ass.

    We Americans have news for you…

    (Lifts glass of American red wine in a toast to you. Skal! Ha ha)

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    my familiarity here with friends.

  75. Truly no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other
    people that they will assist, so here it takes place.

  76. Nadja Lausen

    Well… As a Dane (a 16 year old one to be exact), I sadly can’t disagree. It’s easy to forget when you were born and raised here but every single time I travel I’m astonished how nice people are. I mean, when I was in London a man on a train station said “Bless you” to me when I sneezed and I don’t think I will ever forget that. That would almost never happen in Denmark, if at all. The ‘rudeness’ you describe here is one I don’t mind though, as I do appreciate the truth (but then again, I have lived with it my whole life, so..). A rudeness I do mind, is the simple small gestures that just doesn’t exist here anymore. I mean, just holding the door for someone or saying thanks when you do it is a rare thing here. I’m ashamed to see how isolated everybody is in their own life and how little they care of others or the affect their behavior have on others. There’s lots of stuff I find interesting about Denmark, it’s history, the old towns, the landscape, but the culture and community I live in now is definitely not one, and I am so excited to move out and travel in a couple of years.

  77. Seriously-_-

    To all you assholes in the comments, who are writing about what awful people we are, have you thought about how you must look to us?
    Just because we’re different doesn’t mean one country is better than the other. The reason we’re rude is because we can take it. If you can’t then you should have thought about that before you came here. And what you call bad service, is just the fact that walking into a shop or a restaurant and instantly having the employees all over you, would be considered annoying here. We’re not WORSE than you, just different from you.

  78. maria

    Okay, I know that we danes sometimes seems rude and that we say and do things people from other cultures finds rude or not okay, but I think that most of you guys goes to far with your comments. I am a dane, and i am living in another country right now, and for me there alot of people here who I think is rude, but the thing we have to Remember is that there is no wrong or right way, there are only different ways. and what you may see as rude might not be what we see as rude. so instead of judge people try to ask yourself why they are doing it the way they are, and try to understand them/us.

    btw. i am not saying that denmark is a perfect country, we do have alot of things we can change.

    • It might help if their sprog changed somewhat. Stop using the F word all the time, det smage F god, Det er F god, og det er F den vejet og F mere og F mere her og der, it is an appalling rude word in the English language.

  79. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding
    It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to offer something again and help others like
    you aided me.

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  81. Zbigniew Pietrzyk

    I’m really shocked to read such negative comments about Danes in general. I’ve just returned from my holidays (I’ve been to Billund, Esbjerg, Christiansfeld and Aarhus) and never had any problem with these people. In fact, I’m kind of senstive, when approaching people or when they do approach me. People in Denmark were always nice to me, smiling on almost every occasion, they were always helpful and they (I have to stress it) ALWAYS spoke English well. I know, that it was only one week spent in Denmark, yet it was one of the best weeks of my life ! Basically I see, that most of the comments concern the Capital, so perhaps it’s just a matter of capital cities overall ? I’ve had hardly any good expeirences with capitals, yet I might be subjective on this issue – I’m just not into hectic way of life. Most of my countrymen (Poles) seem to be content with their lives in Denmark, hence I don’t seem to be an exception, when thinking about Danes and Denmark in a positive manner.

    PS. Danish girls are cute. 🙂

  82. Nick

    I’ve met people from a lot of different places but my uncles ex-wife (who’s Danish) took the cake. She had the most atrocious table manners. She use to put a napkin in front of her face to try to block others from seeing what she was doing. But it was very obvious what she did, she picked her teeth and nose while we ate. Her personal hygiene wasn’t the great either because she didn’t like to take baths and walked barefoot a lot. Yes, I can vouch that this literally happened.

    We also found out that she was a racist and was just using my uncle. Even my uncle’s friends who were from other European countries, didn’t like her. They told him that she was just using him to get her US citizenship. In the end, my uncles friends were right because she divorced him when her citizenship was approved.

  83. These are not very comments about Denmark. Is there a crack in the Danish PR facade?

  84. These are not very good comments about Denmark. Is there a crack in the Danish PR facade?

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  86. I’m dansk 100%. Yes we are rather rude, We have a habit of say what we mean and it comes out in a rude manner. For some reason we feel defensive all the time and take a stance defending yourself and at rte cost of others weather its tourist or locals. Manners is a push and show to be first in line or something ells. Whatever it may be. if one is thinking of visiting Danmark good luck , be ready to be shunned. As for education Danmark has for some reason never let to of ( jantiloven ) ” you are no better than me and I’m no better than you”. Welcome to Danmark and be prepared for somewhat of a shock.

  87. i find the amount of people on this post, that just rants away at how awful Danish peopl are and how amazing everywhere else is. if its that bad, why do you still come here or even talk about it??? why cant you let us be us??? do we HAVE you conform you the way of life you are used to??? or can we be allowed to be ourselves?

    so yes, danish people a very blunt and direct. thats not rude. thats just cutting to the chase and not having the mindless empty chattering there is ever present in countries like for example America. yes, we may seem shallow, thats because we are usually doing our thing, but if you ask a Dane how they are doing, you better have 5-10 minutes ready for a talk, otherwise you will be seen as a person that asks but do not care and will therefore be shunned.

    and what is it with everyone expecting people to treat them like home??? dont you travel to see new things and get away from the old and well known?? or do you travel to get an ego boost out of how amazing you think your own country is in comparrison?

    finally i see the same 5-6 names pop up in the comment section constantly, all spewing the vilest hate i have heard in a long time. why are you people so hell bent on making the rest of the world think Denmark is bad??? do you HAVE to use suggestive language when replying to other people as to lead them in a direction that makes them think of Denmark as bad??

    here is a suggestion. get off the high horse, open your minds again and stop being so biased. the Danish people are being called racists so many times in the comments, when racism is Hate towards a group of people hold together by religion, ethnicity or other factors of the like. so that makes every commenter calling the danish people as a whole, racist, into racists.

    a Dane’s honest opinion. respect it, as i respect yours.

    • Udlænding

      So you consider it ‘Danish’ behaviour to be spit at and called ‘Fucking German’ in the open street? Sorry to break it to you, but Denmark has so far been the only country in the world were we had to endure such a treatment for having the audacity of being foreigners. And I’m gonna spare you the many other very weird stories we have experienced in your country.
      Respect is a two-way street, something many Danes have a very hard time to understand!

      • Daniel Dean Grinddal

        So because you and a number of people have had bad experiences here, all Danes and Denmark are just doomed. You guys opinions are truth? Well I guess Germany is fucked, cause I have had some horrible experiences with Germans, now I must lable all Germans and Germany as a whole a bad place with no manners. Jesus christ, get some perspective. Anywho… Why do people still comment this stupid article, its been here for what 3-4 years. Does it matter? The whole world is shit, and youll find assholes in every godforsaken corner of the world.

      • Udlænding

        Of course you’re right that you cannot label an entire population based on one incident, as I said this is just one of many very disturbing episodes we experienced here. And it is the quantity and severity that is disturbing not a single event per se.
        I was merely replying to your post where you stated that :
        “why cant you let us be us??? do we HAVE you conform you the way of life you are used to??? or can we be allowed to be ourselves?”
        So I was wondering whether you consider spitting at people “to be ourselves”. It is never a single incident, it is the accumulation of bad experiences that make people rant away, and no one said Danes and Denmark are doomed, people just often don’t like living here. My experience is simply that very often foreigners are surprised how hard it actually is to integrate and how hard it is to be treated a second class person on a day-to-day basis, because for many foreigners in Denmark, this is reality.
        Don’t judge anyone before you haven’t walked 10 miles in their moccasins.

        “Why do people still comment this stupid article, its been here for what 3-4 years. ” Why do you?

      • Zbigniew Pietrzyk

        “. My experience is simply that very often foreigners are surprised how hard it actually is to integrate and how hard it is to be treated a second class person on a day-to-day basis, because for many foreigners in Denmark,”

        Is this some sort of a quantitive theory ? Because I know many people, who travel a lot and none of them ever considered Danes to be rude. By the way, I’m not Danish and I really, really find it hard to believe, that people from Denmark are so shockingly unpleasant. Why do I find them so nice and always smiling, whenever I spend my holidays there ??

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